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Final project plot ideas

*Stated in previous blog post ‘Final project research’ about  what my plot could be. This has not been finalised but it is the most promising*

Plot 1

A character (Female/male) has to find their missing daughter in an abandoned town(?).  The character flips through different time periods; past, present, future to help get more information about the missing girl. The character will come across threats like; people, mythical creatures, biblical figures…etc. Weapons will come in the characters path but they can only use them a certain way. For example if the sword was used to kill  businessmen in the past, you must use it that way. You can make good or bad choices that will effect your game-play. The bad choices will give you more information about your daughter’s location, but could cause problems for your game later on. The good choices give you less information about your daughter, but could make your game-play much much harder to complete . The game can be played with weapons (Makes gameplay easier, bad choice, make the enemies much harder to kill and spot) or using no weapons at all (Makes gameplay harder, stealth, become less detectable to enemies)

Plot 2
Based within the era of vikings but off the folklore stories. It will include Gods like Odin, Thor, Talos…etc. It will include the horror aspect of altering these tales, for example; The Dwarves are a tribe of separated humans who prey on human flesh. They are mostly found in wooded areas and come out at the night. You will have to travel through these woods to go to different locations. Sensory will be the main use in this game as you have to focus on where certain sounds are to prevent getting killed. Game-play will be similar to that of Skyrim but be third-person only.

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Final project research

Me and Shannon have decided to work as a group again but take our own ideas which we wanted to do and combine them together later on in the project. Shannon’s idea was to get either a film/music video setting and include that within an already existing game. However, my idea is to create a synopsis along with concept art to show: main-characters, sub-characters, settings and assets. How we would combine both of these ideas together would be through concept art, showing how the setting would look like within my game-plot/story.

The idea our group has is to have a character (Female/male) has to find their missing daughter in an abandoned town(?). The character flips through different time periods; past, present, future to help get more information about the missing girl. The character will come across threats like: people, mythical creatures, biblical figures…etc. Weapons will come in the characters path but they can only use them a certain way. For example if the sword was used to kill businessmen in the past, you must use it that way. You can make good or bad choices that will effect your game-play. The bad choices will give you more information about your daughter’s location, but could cause problems for your game later on. The good choices give you less information about your daughter, but could make your game-play much much harder to complete . The game can be played with weapons (Makes gameplay easier, bad choice, make the enemies much harder to kill and spot) or using no weapons at all (Makes gameplay harder, stealth, become less detectable to enemies)

I looked through several websites which held the numbers of which games sold the most in 2015. Call Of Duty III had the most sales of 2015 even though it came out in the month of November. Why this game had great sales was simply due to how the company ‘Treyarch’ brings out a new COD every-year with their counterpart infinity ward.

The charts of the games for the end 2015 consisted of games mostly of the action and shooter genre. Only two games on the list were sports or role-playing.

I searched on different forums and asked my friends/family why they enjoyed these shooters that are sold on the market. Most people in forums said that people like being able to wield guns without using them in real-life. This is ultimately a safer alternative and will cut down gun-crime with staggering numbers. Some people in the forums also said they just wanted a game which they could take the stress away with and I agree with these people. Shooting games almost give you that sense of relaxation that once you think about is weird but quite true. My mum, who’s a gamer, enjoys playing the COD franchise because of the multiplayer aspect of it. She likes the way you can quickly join a game and leave whenever you want. My mum mostly plays COD with her friends and why I think most people who play the franchise buy the game, to connect with their friends.

However, I do not want to make a game-plot/story to do with the action or shooting genre due to the copious amount of competition, though I will include that relaxing effect that it has on people. Gamers mostly buy these shooters if it has a well-known company behind it or a well-known title. These games are more aimed towards the male-gamers as gaming companies still have the stereotypical view that men love these games. Major companies which create shooters have recently only included female characters within their stories and multiplayer. That’s because there are now more female gamers than male. 52% of the gaming audience consist of females while 48% are male. Companies have seen these numbers and have decided to also focus on females in their games to get more of an audience.

The research then stretched off into searching which is the most popular genre in overall media. Its safe to say horror and fantasy are the most popular genre across all different types of media. Books like Harry Potter and Lord Of The Rings are the reason why the fantasy genre is so popular today. The TV show ‘Game Of Thrones’ also helped getting a larger fanbase for the genre, even creating a game for consoles that became very popular. Some people enjoy fantasy because its completely different to that of the real-world. Fantasy will not dominate the game unlike that of horror but it will include bits of fantasy. Creatures will come in different forms that make them look either like Death himself or maybe a two-headed snake.

The horror genre has became popular from well-known book “The Shining” that then was made into a film-adaptation. Popular comic-book “The Walking Dead” made the genre gain a bigger audience because of The tv-show adaptation. Why horror lovers enjoy this particular genre is because of the adrenaline or the unexpected. Silent Hill got me into this particular genre and still gets my heart racing till this day.

Naughty dog gave me inspiration to make my own game-plot/story because of the game Uncharted. Uncharted is one of the greatest franchises I have played due to how smooth the gameplay is, the plot is well thought of and not rushed like other games and the characters are lovable along with hateful. I thrive to be able to think up amazing characters like Nathan Drake who has a great-sense of humour and is likable to the audience. Ellie from The Last Of Us is also a character which I would like to create as she’s popular amongst The Last Of Us fans from her sense of wit and how she’s a strong female character. She’s also gained more notoriety due to how she came out lesbian in the DLC. People praised Ellie and the game for this and I would also like to do the same for the game I will create.

The type of game I want to do will be a combination of fantasy and horror. I would like to be able to combine Skyrim along with Resident Evil or Silent Hill. My main focus is on the gamers who enjoys both of the genres horror and fantasy. It could also get fans who just like fantasy or just horror to try out a game which invests both. Age-rating for the game that I will be writing a story for will range between 18-35. Why these aged people are my main-focus is because a majority of teenagers play video games world-wide while people aged over 35 are the highest group playing video games within the American region (Statistics)

I searched what makes a great game story and came across this website that tells us what makes a particular story successful. It mentions how “A good story gives equal attention to dialogue, characterization, setting, pace, and plot” I agree with this as they go onto mentioning Uncharted simple, yet gripping plot. What made this game so particularly popular? Its the sharp dialogue and the vast beauty of the settings we come across.

A professional website I came across told me how to get a successful game along with how to get it funded. This will prove useful in the future if I ever want to get my game funded. What publishers want 10 tips Most publisher don’t look for completely original ideas but ideas that sell. An idea I have is to do a slightly generic horror and similar to that of Silent Hill and Resident Evil; someone takes his daughter, he goes looking for daughter, solve puzzles, that sort of thing, that’s why so many shooters get funded because they all have a similar bases; you’re part of a special force, you have to catch bad guy, bad guy escapes, continue to get bad guy, finally catch him. This is the plot for Modern Warfare 2 and Medal Of Honour.

We as the game designers have to make a game a mass amount of people will enjoy as the player’s are the boss and our job is to entertain. Because the game narrative I want to make will be horror with slight aspects of fantasy, I searched through several websites on what makes a successful which people enjoy. A detailed answer from Necgray in the comment section for the post ‘What makes the perfect horror game’ (What makes the perfect horror game?What makes a good horror They talked about limited visibility make it “Inherently creepier to not be able to see everything within your field of vision” Horror survival ‘Outlast’ does this perfectly by how you have to use the camera for night-vision in barely lit places. It can make your heart race when you can hear whispering from behind you; not knowing if they are far or close to you, ready to attack.

Necgray talked about how an unpredictable protagonist makes a horror game that extra more interesting. Nothing is more creepier than a character whom we identify with and is actually trying to hide from themselves. P.T did this beautifully by placing a quote the killer’s late wife says “The only me is me. Are you sure the only you is you?” We are going to touch on split-personality disorder and schizophrenia which will alter how the game-play will be, making the player really think about what is reality or what is fake.

One of my friends who enjoy the horror genre talked about “keeping the audience of edge and playing with their fears.” and also “The suspension of waiting for something to happen” This will help when it comes to writing up the story as I can play with the audiences fear. Getting an opinion off someone who is an advocate for this particular genre really helped with how I will deliver my game narrative and make a successful story that horror fans will enjoy.

I did research on the different effects drugs have on people which could relate to the idea we have. The drugs which I came across was Ecstasy, Acid, Foxy Methoxy, Salvia, PCP and Ketamine. LSD (the other term acid) makes the user experience hallucinations of reality and noises. The user can sometimes experience distorted colour, sound and objects and in some cases give them double vision. Why we are looking at these specific drugs is because we are going to base the effects within our game of when the player goes into insanity mode and time-periods (past and future) The hallucination part of it will happen when they go into the past or the future, making objects appear unusual and distorted, the character having to find a way to correct it. The hallucinations also make people appear in horrific forms, for example a business man will become a reaper, trying to kill you.

Weapons are going to be quite a big thing for our game, making the player pick to either take the risk of the protagonist becoming insane, making hallucinations of people become distorted and turn into creatures. We are going to have several types of weapons throughout the game; knives, assault rifles, pistols, swords, axes, pretty much any weapon will be included. Inspiration for how these weapons will look will range from different time periods (future and past), different regions of the world, for example a samurai sword which originates from China. I will get primary research of weapons by going to museums and taking pictures of the range of different weapons that be inspiration. I will also do some parts secondary research if I cannot find the weapons in the museums I desire to create/draw. The Fable franchise gave the idea of making the protagonist evil progressively every-time they pick up a weapon, but altering that so they become more insane instead. As I stated it will cause the game-play to fall into an alternative-world due to the insanity they feel.

Silent Hill 2 has been the biggest influence on how I will create my synopsis, the monsters and the characters. The way this Silent Hill plays out is constantly smooth, the plot is detailed and has that unique horror style that other games try to re-create. That’s why this is the biggest player with how my plot will play out. I want to make a horror that people will want to base games off and can relate to certain characters. A website called ‘’ made a post about ‘Why Silent Hill 2 is still the most disturbing game ever made’ (Link to the website)

“The way James treats other characters. The way James treats himself. Even whether you listen to key bits of dialogue in full. None of it seems important at the time, but it’s all being studied, not against some binary good/bad basis, but on a more nuanced emotional scale” 

This was the key part in the article that I picked up on and could somehow include within my own game. James is feeling deep sense of guilt over killing his wife, slowly turning him insane and sending him to this town.

Silent Hill uses psychological aspects throughout the game as they use the ‘Unpredictable Protagonist’, a character that we identified with strongly at the start but slowly turned crazy. James Sunderland is a character who we feel sympathy for as his late wife sends him a letter, telling them to meet in ‘their special place’. However, the further along the story progresses the more we find out about what he has done. We did not expect him to have murdered his wife as when you’re playing the game, the dedication to find her the main priority.

Other games in the franchise have touched on this psychological genre of including the afterlife in the game, making the player think about what is reality and what is fake. Shattered Dreams was about the protagonist dying in a car crash, along with his daughter but he still thinks he’s alive and begins to search for her in the town Silent Hill. Silent Hill 4 is similar with how you travel through alternate realities that are similar to that of dreams to try figure out what’s happening.

How I will include something similar to that in my own game without the copyright issue is for Heath to flicker between the past and future, causing the environments to change drastically and cause the gamer to be slightly confused as they would with the Silent Hill franchise. Why we are doing the past and future and him moving through the different time periods is because of the weapons he picks up. We are going to make it that when the character picks up the weapon he has a choice to either look into the past (to see how that weapon was used) then acquire a note that he will have to follow to avoid the danger of using that weapon to kill an innocent person. For the future it will show how you will use the weapon and you cannot avoid it, that will cause your insanity to become much higher and make the hallucinations much more vivid and unusual.

The show Hannibal gave further inspiration on the protagonist, looking into the killers head when the player picks up a weapon. How Hannibal shows this is by having Will Graham, the main protagonist turned antagonist play the role as the killer, playing out the exact movements of how the murder was committed. How we would indulge this into the game is by instead of it flicking to past it goes to the future, showing the player what the consequence was and how it cannot be avoided — the character going further into insanity.

The characters that are in my game are off already existing character/people. Why I decided to use existing people instead of conjuring up my own original character is because I wanted to try get the most realistic

The Joker is what inspired the quite twisted nature for Mr H, taunting the character as if everything that is happening is a game. I really wanted a character that had a twisted sense of humour, but can still have that lovable quality The Joker still has amongst DC fans.

The character models of Heath and Sarah were based off the actor Hugh Dancy and Caroline Dhavernas, an actor/actress from the TV show ‘Hannibal’. I had an image in my head of what my characters would look like and they fit the role. I did not copy all of their facial features, just the parts which can be identify on the character models.

I have done research on Christianity as the protagonist is religious and some of the assets he can pick up are items you relate to that faith. Holy water was first around in 400 AD. Priests typically use this liquid on babies as it will mean that the child will have a passage to heaven. However, media has romanticised the product and made it into a popular asset in the horror franchise, used to avert demonic forces or supernatural entities.

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Final Project ideas


Create a game story which includes main-characters, sub-characters, places, plot, assets…etc. I would search for the most popular genre amongst gamers and write a story that focuses more on plot and game-play than you would see in mostly multiplayer games (Call Of Duty, Destiny, Battlefield, Killzone, Medal of honour…etc)

Manipulate images of major cities (Manchester, London, Beijing, Washington D.C…etc) and alter them in such a way they look post-apocalyptic/holocaust

Make a 3-D character in either 3DS MAX or photoshop, using realistic proportions of that of a normal person. Not exaggerating body-parts to that of unreal expectations for young girls and boys.

Create a video game trailer of an already existing game but create my own sound-effects  and also adding my own video content.

Use existing characters from horror tv-shows/games and change them so they fit into a fantasy setting. Change their outfits from their original attire to a more mythical style, yet I still keep main aspects to define the characters from another. For example if I took the character Chris Redfield from the game ‘Resident Evil 5’, keeping the BSAA outfit I would include armour which would be associated of that of the fantasy genre, yet keeping parts which will easily be detectable by gamers of the franchise.

Get an existing game of  superhero franchise and make it in the style of a comic book.



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Idea Development – Unit 6 and 7

Me and Shannon have incorporated different ideas which we developed into our final overall idea. Development of ideas which we have really can help how it will turn out.

One of the first ideas which we had was with another group we was part off and that was to change the world known game “World Of Warcraft” rating of just 12+ change to a rating of 18+. This idea wasn’t one of the best to research as there was not much leeway our previous group wanted to include within that. What idea we took from this was to change the rating to match with the brief.

The brief states that we need to change the overall audience of either a game, company or just a genre. All the ideas we had fit in with this brief perfectly so this would not be a problem for our group.

An idea which Shannon came up with was to change the first-person horror game and change the overall audience to aim at 12+ instead of the high rating of 18+. Shannon also included that instead of making it a horror we could focus on more the puzzle aspect of the game and take away the intensity of fear of the mental occupants lurking. I added we could make the creatures more fantasy and un-realistic but still hold that you have to hide away from the monsters. Parts which we took from this was the idea of the puzzle and have The Joker solve puzzles to move forward to try cause hell throughout the city.

When we was doing the main part of the project we still developed our idea of how we want our final unreal interaction level to look like. I made three different concept arts which we could use as some sort of leeway for the final level.

The first concept art was of a subway tunnel occupied by abandoned subway carts. This idea was both mine and Shannon’s collaborations. The idea of a subway was definitely something we wanted to include because that felt so Joker like to use. Retro tv’s were used instead of a standard flat-screen because we see the new 52 joker as quite old-fashioned in a way. It almost adds that extra sense of creepyness within the already creepy backdrop I used.

The second concept art which I created was not complete but gave the basic idea of what we could do for the interactive level. I kept the idea of the subway tunnel without the subway carts. We thought we could test just placing tv’s on the floor. I changed the tv’s from the original retro style to flat-screen. Why we did this was because we wanted to test how different tv’s appear in the backgrounds our group were thinking of using.

The final concept art, which was the most useful probably had everything we was going to include, excluding the tv’s as we knew we were going to include them within the final unreal as that was our main focus. This piece of concept art focused on mainly the decor of the setting; the colour scheme, posters, train-tracks…etc. The subway tunnel was still used in this concept art, the same as the other two but as I stated I just focused on how we will fill the blanks on the walls of the tunnel.