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Mood-board – Weapons

Yesterday the class went to the museum to conduct primary research to do with our projects. Though the museum have a lot of objects that had anything to do with the project, we still incorporated them into the research. There were still objects that fit in with our FMP like weapons.

Weapons are the main focus point in our group at the current moment of time as we still need inspiration on what weapons we could create. We wanted to take pictures of weapons from different eras as in the game the weapons could be from the the recent past or the past from hundreds of years ago. These weapons will all become of use when I begin to create more weapons for the different locations throughout the game, adding my own flair and own originality to the weapon. Why I took pictures of these specifics pieces of weaponry is because I like the oldish style they all contain. The patterns the older weapons have are quite detailed and have that look I enjoy. The dagger ‘Kris The Sheath’ (Kris sheath) was one of my favorite pieces of weaponry because of the wooden handle and the pattern across the length of the knife. These types of knives all have unique patterns so you will never see a knife similar to

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S.M.A.R.T Targets

Sunday, 20th, March 2016
S.M.A.R.T targets

S – To draw the final look of Mr H with minute detail

M- 1 complete drawing of Mr H so I can draw him on the software photoshop

A- Have done previous drawing of his mask, will come in useful

R- Quite enough time to draw a character of own original idea

T- 2 hours

I did not complete the drawing in the set time I gave myself, running an hour more. I am not completely happy with how he turned out, should of spent time drawing the right measurements of his face

Have got the main basis of the character, will be ready for the production side of the project next week.

22nd March 2016

S – Take pictures of weapons or anything to include within the FMP

M- 15 photos of weapons/other

A- Have done primary research in different projects along with this project previously

R- Time limit for walking around the museum; Is enough time for our group to take required pictures

T – 2 Hours

Took several photos that we will use for our project when we was at the museum. The photos were of different weapons that I could use as inspiration when I create concept art for the weapons within the game.

However, as the museum only had limited amount of weapons in one part of an exhibit it was hard to find anything else in the museum to incorporate within our project.

23rd March 2016

S – Going to use the referenced images from the museum visit to draw a weapon for the game.

M – Draw 1 weapon for the game

A – Have already drawn weapons for the project previously

R – Time-frame will just be enough time to be able to create a weapon with slight detail

T – 45 minutes

18:25 – 19:10

I managed to create a weapon using the referenced image of ‘ Kris The Sheath’ (Image is found on another blog post called ‘Primary Research – Museum visit’) and made it completely my own style. Though I went over my tine-limit slightly the final draft of the weapon is up to my standards.

I could of broadened my time-limit slightly as I can be quite a perfectionist when it comes to drawing, but the extra 20 minutes got me the results I wanted.

24th March 2016

S- Complete the ‘Research Log’ documentation

M – Reference 8 different research links/photographs/sketchbook

A-Have used the Harvard reference in a previous time for English

R – The time limit I have gave myself in very realistic for one piece of pre-production documentation

T – 2 hours

I fully completed the ‘Recording Log’ with links to the source material and where its stored. This helped keep track of what research I have conducted and what research I still need to do.

I did not complete this set task in the time limit I gave myself. Reason to why I did not complete this task in 2 hours was because of distraction. However, I still managed to complete it in the day I said I would be doing so.

31st March 2016
S – Draw thumbnails of how I want the pages of the booklet to look like

M- 6 pages containing the character bios, weapon bios, creature bios and the cover

A- Had been taught in lesson about drawing thumbnails to get the basic of an idea across

R – It is a simple task so the time does not have to be broad

T – 16:20 – 16:40

The drawings will give me the basic idea of how the booklet will look. I might need to add more pages to the booklet as I need to include Shannon’s concept art and environments

1st April 2016
S- Create bios for the weapons that will be in the game

M- 6 bios about the weapons

A- Have wrote biographies previously in my project

R- Time limit I have gave myself is the estimated time it will take for me to complete this

T- 1 hour

I have managed to create 4 biographies about the weapons that will be in the game. They all have a backstory about who their creator was, what the weapon was used for (resulting in that weapon having to be used that way if the player decides to pick it up), what time period it came from (will alter the way it looks) and finally the name. These bios will give the gamer a look of the type of weapons they could pick up on their way throughout the story.

However, as I said I would make six I did not hit that goal. I still need to draw the concept art for the other weapons so coming up with a backstory was quite difficult without the image of the weapon.

18:20 – 19:20

12th April 2016

S – Begin to make a start on the synopsis of the game “Where is she?”

M – Write the prologue of the plot

A – I learnt information to write the synopsis by looking at other peoples writing.

R – Enough time to write a prologue for the plot.

T – 45 mins

I managed to write up the prologue along with a start on the first main part of the plot. It took me around an hour to get this completed, mistakes being corrected along with grammar

The time limit I set myself could’ve been much broader as I knew I would have to read over it, add additional information, correcting grammar…etc

22:00 – 22:45

18th April 2016

S – Begin to copy an already drawn weapon on mine into photoshop to test out my skills and see if I am going to carry it forward as a final piece

M – I will be only drawing one weapon

A – For another project have have drawn a weapon using the programme photoshop, making the task slightly easier

R – Time limit is quite brash for this task, but I took into consideration of my limited photoshop skill and perfectionist quality

T 12:00pm – 4:00pm

The weapon was not completed in the time-frame, making me second-think about taking this weapon forward as a final piece. I spent too much time trying to perfect minute detail when I could be working on a weapon that does not take most of my time. However, there is still a possibility that I will work on this after I finish the final concept art I am bringing forward instead.

19th April 2016

S – Carry on working on the weapon I began doing yesterday, testing out ways in which I could make the blade look reflective

M – Try out three different ways and pick which one is the best out of the three and using it on the blade

A – Have used the methods of; clipping mask, digital painting and shading in previous pieces of work.

R – Work got cut short

T 9:05am – 10am

Unfortunately I cut short the process of the blade to focus on a different piece of work that I decided will be the final piece of my project. I did however test out two different techniques to see which one would give me a reflective look as a blade would — clipping mask definitely was the best looking and easiest to control shading

20th April 2016

S – Correct the eyes on Sarah along with making a start on the hair

M –

A – I have already done Sarah’s eyes the day previous. I also looked up tips on how to do hair using digital painting techniques and how to reflect the light from a chosen direction

R – It will take the whole day of Wednesday to correct the mistakes from yesterday.

T – 9am – 3pm

I managed to complete the tasks which I gave myself along with being able to start thinking about how to shade in her skin.

What I wish I could of done was practice getting the right shades of skin for the character and practicing before I decided to jump in a try to do it. I will look at tutorials on how to shade colours together to get skin and also show the direction the light will come from.

S – Do several drawings of Heath Quinn, developing how he looks

M – Do around 3 different styles for Heath.

A – Have already done a quick sketch of Heath previously

R – A good time frame for this piece of work

T – 19:10pm – 22:10pm

I did not manage to make three different styles for Heath, but I have decided that the final drawing that I drew of him will be his overall look. I need to manage my time right and try not get distracted when I set myself specific targets.

21st April 2016

S – Draw assets for the game that I am making

M – Draw four assets for the game

A – Have drawn assets in a previous project

R – Time frame I have gave myself is a good time to create these assets

T – 17:00 – 17:45 mins

I have drawn four assets that the character Heath Quinn can use to: Halt the affects of insanity and hallucinations for a brief amount of time, a pipe that makes Heath see environments around him much clearer, Holy Water to banish creatures that spawn when Heath has effects of insanity and a health potion to heal Heath when he takes health from the characters. I am glad that I managed to finish these assets in the set amount of time I gave myself. I will be thinking about if I am going to carry this forward into maybe making one of the assets in 3D after I finish my final concept art.

22nd April 2016

S – Begin drawing the Viking axe in photoshop

M – Draw the main basis of the shape and use a photo-composite with shading on the handle, maybe adding additional detail if needed

A – Have already done photoshop work on creating weapons

R – Good enough time frame for the creation of the skull-crusher

T – 13:00pm – 16:00pm

25th April 2016

S – Finish the Viking axe which I have started in photoshop

M – Complete one Viking axe

A – Have already done the main basis of the axe, just need to colour in the body and add the slight detail to make it look authentic

R – Time-frame that I have gave myself will be enough to complete the overall look of the axe

T – 9:45am – 12pm

I did not complete the axe in the time I gave myself because of a number of reasons: I got too distracted by my peers as they keep on talking around, pulling my attention from my work, the internet went down so finding Viking patterns to put on the axe was a failure and I became very agitated doing the same thing for a long-amount of time. Next time I shall give myself a smaller target so I can be more productive and try ignore those around me who constantly talk and distract me from my project. However, I managed to get the shading on the tip of the blade along with shading on the base, probably the most important things of the axe. When I come to do this again I will add the runes on the tip of the blade and add the patterns amongst it’s exterior. I removed the symbol that was at the top of the handle due to how I did not like the look of it, I want to maybe use something more celtic.

S – Continue with the synopsis of the game

M – Have at least three other locations for the game completed along with the optional part (If you pick up the weapon)

A – I have already wrote two parts for the game already so I know what pace I need to follow

R – I might be able to complete this task before the time-limit if I do not get distracted as I did in the previous

T – 12:20pm – 3:30pm

I decided to extend the time-line of the task to insure I will get the majority done.

3rd May 2016

S – Carry on the process of writing the synopsis

M – Write three more parts to the story

A – Have already begun writing the synopsis so I know how to write it out

R – I think the time-frame is enough time to write three parts, maybe even more if I do not get distracted in the process

T – 9am – 12pm

I did not complete this task and decided to finish it early due to an inconvenience at home. However, I altered some text to correct grammar and to have a nice flow from location to location.

4th May 2016

S – Complete the whole synopsis

M – Complete the other five parts of of story

A – I have already wrote some of the synopsis so the rest of the task will be quite easy to achieve

R – Time frame is realistic, will be able to complete the work if I do not get distracted by my peers or by myself

T – 10:00am – 4pm

9th May 2016

S – Begin to draw the knife ‘Persuasion’ using photo-composite and digital painting techniques

M – Complete one digital painting of the weapon

A – I have already used these techniques previously in other projects and in my FMP

R – Time-frame is quite enough time to complete this task I have set myself — maybe I will finish before then if I do not get distracted by my peers or music

T – 13pm – 16pm

I have completed this set task 2 hours earlier than the time-frame I have gave myself, making this the first piece of concept art work that has been completed within a short-time frame and the first piece I have completed fully. The knife is up to my standard, enjoying the realism the textures have on the knife, making it seem more realistic than

11th May 2016

S – Begin the creation of the ‘Soul Capture’ in photoshop

M – Complete one digital painting of weapon

A – I have used photoshop techniques in previous graphics and also devolped my skills in workshops

R – Enough time to get the blade of the weapon done

T – 9:20 am – 10:20am

I managed to complete the task which I set myself, having now completed the blade of the weapon. However, there are still parts of the blade that I want to change, for example I would’ve liked to spend more time on making it look more 3D and realistic, something that I wanted to envision more in my work to show how my skills in digital painting have developed throughout the time of the  ‘Final Major Project’.

16th May 2016

S – Finish the evaluation on Sarah Quinn

M – Complete one wordpress document

A – I have done evaluations on previous units of the course

R – The time-frame I have gave myself is enough time to get the task completed

T – 10:00am – 17:00pm

I have managed to finish the task in the time I set myself for the completion. The task was finished an hour before 17:00pm. However, I did have a problem of my peers distracting me from my work. If they did not distract me I might of been able to complete the task much earlier, giving me a chance to maybe move onto another evaluation.

My production throughout the project has not been up to my standard — though at some points truly out of my grasp. At the start of the project I failed to complete most of my tasks in the times I set myself, normally finishing them an hour or two later. Why this has happened is mostly due to the distraction of my peers or mostly because of myself. However, sometimes when my production in the project has dropped it has been because of a personal matter/family matter or due to an illness; that cannot be helped.

When the project was around three weeks of ending I managed to complete tasks on time, sometimes going over the limit I set myself slightly.

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Primary Research – Games #2






I got the first three pictures that contain pictures of monsters from the game ‘Silent Hill 4:The Room’ It gave me the most inspiration for how I could draw my creatures. Konami (Developers that make Silent Hill) are unique with how they draw their monsters, sometimes looking human or animal with slightly distorted features. They also make monsters completely different to that of the human/animal form like for example the greedy worm. Though it’s name includes worm it has a mouth filled with teeth that is unlike that you would see in a standard worm.

It really interests me the way their monster can strike fear into the gamer due to their appearance; Wall Man (ghosts), one of the first creatures you meet in the 4th installment of the Silent Hill franchise, is one of the creepiest characters I have met in my whole life of gaming. The way he carries himself around is almost ghostly, making the player try to avoid from fear of him touching you. Their appearance is that of a man but their eyes are a dark red, along with their mouth. As its Silent Hill it indicates when a creature is close by, so when that infamous static sound is triggered and you see the ghost hovering towards you, it can make you panic, trying to find a way to escape.

I want to create a gaming manual that include bios of weapons, the antagonist, protagonist and the creatures you will come across throughout the game without spoiling a thing about the story. The way they carried this out in the ‘Silent Hill 4:The Room’ by having a brief description of the main-characters while the creatures will just have the name without telling the player about their origin. Weapons I will include a description of what era it is from, for example there will be a weapon from Victorian Britain, so the bio would like like

“The Heart stopper. It originates from the era Victorian Britain, located in the town Cheadle, Manchester. This weapon has struck fear into the highest-power of the English isle and thus given its name.” 

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Primary Research – Games #1

These games are what inspired me to do the story I have chosen. They all include the psychological aspect that gets the gamer to think deeply about their actions or flicker between reality and fantasy. image




imageimageThe booklet you get with the game ‘Manhunt 2’ was the reason why I wanted to create my own gaming manual for my game. I like the way it looks like a something that game from an mental institute; blood covering the cover, writings scribbled across pages to make it seem authentic. When I make my own booklet that will contain the bios of: characters, weapons and monsters/creatures I will make a cover that will have authenticity and give the gamer the sense of what the game will be like.

An idea of what the front-cover/pages of the book will be that of the form of a diary with ‘Don’t read. Mr H’s diary’ at the front. The pages will be covered in drawings that show the slowly building insanity of Mr H and writings that show what he did today or what he’s planning on doing, pushing that Mr H is truly the bad-guy within the game. Taunting slurs will be on some pages that will be directed to the gamer as though they are Heath Quinn, but not spoiling the game entirely. The character bios could have taunting pictures of Heath Quinn and Sarah Quinn while praising himself as superior compared to them two. Mr H could hint at some parts of the game without giving away the plot like ‘I never seen you as a man who loves the beach…I will remember this’ discreetly telling the player that they will be adventuring the the beach in the game at some point.




imageThese masks which are shown up above are in the game ‘Condemned 2’ a psychological horror that has you, Ethan, an alcoholic that has recently left the FBI force. Due to his alcoholism he makes a new alter ego that is the antagonist in the game. The masks which are apparent throughout the game are what gave me the most inspiration to use masks in my story.



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Feedback #1

Feedback which I got from the other people when we was doing group crit was to make sure that mine and Shannon’s schedule match with each-other’s, we need to make sure that when I finish my synopsis of the game story that she knows on the same week to begin to do concept art on photo-shop of settings .


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Primary Research – Art Gallery

DSC_0051DSC_0052DSC_0053DSC_0054DSC_0055This art work (Above) is about Eve,the biblical figure who was tempted by the Devil to pick fruit off the ‘Tree of Knowledge’. Why I decided to take a picture of this particular piece of art work was because of the dark nature it holds. Temptation is something we are going to include in the game; weapons tempting the gamer to use but with a big consequence. Colour scheme of the art-work also fits in with what our game is about (psychological horror with some fantasy)

DSC_0056I enjoy the colours this particular piece of work has. These colours are what I would want to include within my pieces of concept art DSC_0057DSC_0060This painting is done by the well-known artist, Francis Bacon. Why I chose to take a picture of this piece of work in particular is because of the distorted face the person has. It makes you uncomfortable from the unusual shape the body has; chest and stomach bloated, legs crooked in an awkward angle, it is not a very beholding sight to look at.

DSC_0063DSC_0065DSC_0066DSC_0067What this picture is about is Sirens tempting the Sailors with their voices, causing them to crash the boats into the rock or drown. It depicts the theme of temptation and death, both themes that a major within my story. DSC_0070DSC_0071



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Notes & Riddles

In an abandoned dance studio (Second)

“Are you enjoying my performance?

Is it getting hard or is it too easy?

This riddle will surely get you thinking

and reveal the location of your daughter”


“You can hear her cries watching from the side-lines,

hoping you’ll come to see her shine.

You were never there, you didn’t care

Do you want to cause more despair?”


An amusement park (Third)

“Well, you did seem like a dancer from what I researched.

Now to find the next riddle,

I have high hopes for you Heath.

Take your time okay?

The longer you take the faster she dies.”


“Screams of laughter, screams of fear,

Who knows if she’s hidden here.

Play the game of hide and seek,

Find the key within its beak.”


Train Station (Seventh)

“Next stop to your daughter! Oh wait…

Bad choice of words Heathy boy?

I do love a laugh when your the butt of my jokes,

But I don’t think your daughter does.”


“You’re running late to start the day,

Things aren’t really going your way.

Keep an eye on the clock,

Let’s hope you don’t get a shock”


Doll factory (Last) 

“Oooo! Look at you, finding out all my riddles.

This one is the last one,

The one that will close the fate of your daughter.

Tick-tock, tick-tock, time is fleeting Mr Quinn,

I am feeling rather generous tonight”


“Porcelain masks, porcelain plates

Can you think of anything that porcelain makes?

The longer it takes the quicker she’ll break,

Make sure you keep yourself awake”


The sea (Fifth)

“You know what my favourite song is?

‘Good Vibrations By Beach Boys’

Really gets me in the happy mood.

Enough about me, you have a daughter to save…

Or bury”




Museum (Fourth)

“I learn something new everyday,

Your daughter was just telling me about your wife.

I bet she was a fox, too bad she left you.

Are you sad now?

Don’t worry! I have another riddle for you to find.

Solve the riddle and reveal where your daughter is held”


“You two have a lot of history,

It could be revealed within this mystery.

Look for a specific kind of object,

For the minute there is still a daughter to protect”


The Woods (Eighth)

“Did you enjoy my little surprise?

Quite the thrill wasn’t it?!

Had me on the edge of my seat!

Sometimes it can get a bit bumpy when my people get behind the wheel.

Do you ever wonder if bigfoot is real?

Because you might find out soon then we can meet up and talk about what you found.”


“Darkness is thick in the sky,

Do you wonder if she cried?

The path is getting pretty bleak,

Just remember you have to sneak”


The Mountains (Yellowstone) (Sixth)





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Visual writing

Visual story telling has 8 basic elements:
* Basic shapes
* Contrasts – colour and shape
* Rhythm –  flow of your image,spacing and size. Should be able to imagine the image as a sound
* Depth
* Scale – to make things seem powerful or overpowered by something else
* Dynamics – achieved through angle, could seem more off putting, to throw someone off balance
* Flow  – dragging your users eye through your image
* Rule of Thirds

* Everything we see can be put into three groups; circles, rectangles and triangles
* Circles are quite calming because they are a smooth shape
* Rectangles give structure and security
* Triangles give structure, but can throw things off and add more interest
Colour contrasts
* Contrasts of colours can create interest and tell a story in your scene
* Putting cold and warm colours in a scene to make them more interesting
Shape Contrasts
* Shape contrasts can also make things more interesting in a scene
* This makes a scene look less uniformed
* Repeated elements in different scales
* Images can be related to sounds so that you can imagine more details about them
* Depth can be exaggerated
* Light, sharpness and colour help to create depth
* Towards the background of a picture, it will lose its sharpness, become lighter and lose the colour.
* To show the scale, you need something to contrast it with, to show you how big or small an object is to compare it to.
* If you change the angle, dynamics can throw in more interest
* Dynamics of an image can be improved by using a completely different angle to throw people off or to make people make certain assumptions
* Certain shapes can lead your eye a certain way through an image
* Some images can use flow a lot differently, where they, in a way, bounce you around the image,meaning that the flow of an image is less clear.
Golden Ratio
* This is a ratio, based on the Fibonacci sequence which is designed to show how to take someone through an image


*Shannon’s notes*