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Synopsis – Where is she?


This game is going to be based within the American region. The locations which are found throughout the game are based on already existing places like; Beverly Hills, California, where the protagonist lives. I wanted real locations to give that sense of realism to the game, like it’s a genuine story that has happened to the protagonist, looking for his daughter across the whole of the united states.

Heath Quinn is the protagonist of this game ‘Where is she?’. He searches across key locations which are dear to his daughter in hopes of getting her back from the antagonist Mr H (real name unknown). While exploring the different locations across the American isle, Heath will encounter Sandra Parks, a detective who is exploring the case of children and teenagers getting kidnapped from their homes; Chris Daniels, a family friend to the Quinn’s; Dara Samuels, the girlfriend of Sarah Quinn and Claire Graham, the ex-wife of Heath Quinn and the mother of Sarah Quinn.

The note that started it;

The game begins seven years after Heath’s divorce from his wife (Claire). Claire asked him to take Sarah as she does not have the income to look after her, much to Heath’s disdain. Heath’s and Sarah’s relationship is unstable and has been ever since the divorce — Sarah blames him for her parents’ divorce. However, that was the case. Claire had fallen out of love with Heath due to his obsession with work and the lack of respect he gave her. Sarah and Heath argue about Claire, Sarah spouting venomous words about Heath ‘being abusive’ to her mother and ‘cheating’ on her with someone at his work, to which he denies honestly. The argument becomes more heated, Sarah throwing a punch at her father and catching his cheek.

Upon arrival at the park a masked man watches him from a distance with a camera. Heath meets Sandra Parks — a detective who is looking around the park for clues about a boy who went missing about a week ago. Heath asks her for help on finding out where his daughter is, which she happily accepts. Heath notices that guy who took pictures of the pair disappear. The two look throughout the park until finding a note attached to a Gypsophilia (a flower that Sarah is very fond of) that contains the second lot of information with a riddle similar to that of the first one. It tells them to go to the school. Sandra states that she has seen something similar to this with a case she had worked on recently; children that do not have a strong loving bond with their parents get kidnapped to show the lengths the parents will go to get their children back. The kidnapper leads parents to the children’s most treasured places with riddles and notes, sometimes even using items.

The player will find a knife placed on a picnic bench when arrived at the park, giving an option to pick it up if they must. It will have two options to pick from, past of future;

Past: Heath screams in horror as a scene plays of a cop stalking a man through a crowd before standing in front of the man in the park, putting a knife into his hand screaming words which cannot be heard; it cuts to black. A note is handed to him, telling him to follow the rules exactly in order to halt his insanity.

Future: Heath has the knife at a masked man’s throat, words that are spoken intelligible. The knife slides into the throat with the line “You have to prove that you love her”. Insanity will be heightened, environment slightly distorted from his normal vision.

(Later when the player is in the park and they picked the future option they will have to place a knife at the masked man’s throat who is stood under a tree. Heath asks about the location of Sarah, but the masked man just says “Keep an eye out for a hallway, that’s where you will progress” before the knife goes into his throat).

Heath and Sandra arrive at the school; the masked man from earlier filming them as he did previously. The school gates are locked — Sandra and Heath having to find an alternative route into the school grounds. Heath finds a loose bar on the gate that is wide enough for Sandra to slide in — she then must find another route for Heath.

Sandra finds a gate at the back of the school, shooting the lock with precision. They rush inside the school and begin looking through the different rooms, seeing mysterious scriptures upon the wall of quotes that Sarah has said. Heath questions the writings on the wall but Sandra says she cannot see anything. The partners walk down a corridor, lockers lined up against the walls. A key is discovered hooked onto which is suspected as Sarah’s locker, the signature smiley sprayed onto the door as if the kidnapper was finding the whole experience as a joke. Heath uses the key on the different classrooms, to no success until coming across the gymnasium. They enter and see a note stuck between the cracks of the door of the equipment room, giving them information about their next location.


Past: Heath blacks out with the vision of MacLee, an infamous boss of the Gunners pulling a trigger on one of the opposing members of ‘The Moonshiners’. The bullet pierce precisely through the heart before cutting back to reality with a deep, raspy voice saying ‘crush those who stand before you: protect your daughter — your flesh and blood’

Future: Heath comes face to face with a creature called the unknown that has Sandra under its claws, tearing her limb for limb. Heath pulls out the pistol and shoots the creature in the heart, the sound sickening, but it is too late to save Sandra

(For the future: Heath and Sandra are making their exit outside of the school before the pair getting knocked by an unbelievably strong force. Heath blacks out slightly with the pistol tight in his grip before coming back to reality with the environment dark with a creature looming over Sandra — claws ripping her apart. He shoots the monster through the heart, a whisper being stated into his ear “The performance has just started”).

Heath drives to the studio alone, asking Sandra to leave to deal with the case with the small boy (If pistol was picked up she will be dead).

The studio that he drives up to has been abandoned for 11 years. It seemed like the masked man from the other locations had followed him once again, he decided to go and confront him. The world around him turns white, vision becoming narrowed before Heath collapses onto the floor as if a powerful force pushed him down. Voices start appearing around him — children singing as they perform their dance. A faint sound of a girl crying, which sounds very similar to a young Sarah.

Heath ends up inside the dance studio with no recollection of how he got there– or what just happened for that matter, but he sees spray paint across the walls, taunting messages written like in the school. The cry of a girl echoed throughout the studio, Heath following the cries to their location; a doll sat on a lonesome bench. The doll was one of Sarah’s treasured items from when she was younger, but was left in the park when she was 10 years old. Heath picks up the toy and presses, a voice recording of Sarah crying being played; it was a recent recording. After the recording a deep, gruff voice says “Open me Mr Quinn” The voice has a sense of familiarity to Heath as if he was once close to this person. He opens up the doll, an ominous red liquid falling as if the doll was bleeding — something very unusual. A note is within the mess, holding a riddle that reveals the next location; little bear amusement park and zoo.

Upon arrival at the theme-park, Heath is confronted by Carlos D’Havera, one of the first bosses you come across. Carlos gets joined by Mr H, who Heath later finds out is Francis Barnes, the late owner of the company ‘Banks of America’ and was one of Heath’s close friends. Mr H offers an axe to Heath, holding back any information on why he would need it.

(If the player picks up the axe)
Mr H asks Heath to kill Carlos as he’s the one who stole Sarah. This will be Heath’s breaking point and will cause his insanity to be the highest capacity. Mr H disappears, leaving both Carlos and Heath to fight at the entrance of the park. However, when Heath is about to deliver the final-blow a creature attacks Heath, giving Carlos a chance to flee from the fight. Heath disappears from the scene to avoid the monster, looking for the next note.

(If Heath doesn’t pick up the axe)
Heath doesn’t take the weapon. Mr H injects Heath with an insanity injection, causing Heath to reach max insanity capacity. A creature chases after Heath — Heath rushing into a funhouse, the location of the next note.

Creatures are scattered throughout the building, Heath either avoiding them — to lower his insanity, or fight them, keeping his insanity at the same level. Following the note’s orders from before he finds a bird, a key hanging from its beak. The key opens the control room for the fun-house, where the note for the next location is discovered; the museum.

Heath gets a phone-call from Dara Samuels, asking about the disappearance of Sarah. He suggests to Dara to meet him at the Museum of civil war and weaponry as that is where the note directs him. Dara mentions a message which she received from Sarah last-night, talking about “How you need to use your head”.

They both look through the museum, searching for the object which was stated in the note. Heath connects the message that Dara received from Sarah and begin to search for a skull, something very unusual to find in a museum that’s specifically about the civil war and weaponry.

The skull is resting on a podium, spray paint covering it in taunting messages. A note is hung in the eye socket, with the next location ready to be depicted. When the note is pocketed, a siren will sound to reveal the next boss. Heath has the choice to run from the Deranged (A creature that causes insanity when you look at him) or use the Soul Capture to fight.

Heath and Dara go to the woods, a place where Sarah enjoyed camping; Cracking Oaks. Humanoid creatures which have antlers walk through the trees; Heath sneaking past them to find the path that leads to a lonely cabin.

(Scenario that could happen if insanity is 75%)

Dara alerts the creatures by stepping on a twig. Both Heath and Dara run towards the cabin, more creatures being altered to their running. Heath tries to find a way to escape the enemies but too much are appearing; he pushes Dara to the ground, the enemies attacking her. He makes it to the cabin.

Once inside a man is sat on the chair, posture resembling someone being dead. A note is tight in his grip — Heath slowly takes the note from him, but a hand wraps around his neck. It’s tight but with a swift kick to the side it comes loose, giving Heath the chance to pin him down to the floor. He asks him about where he got the note, getting no reply. Depending on how high your insanity is (every 25%) Heath will throw punches.

If your insanity is 100% you will continuously punch Mr Holiday, vision becoming blurred with whispers of Sarah asking you stop — Heath does not. If insanity is below 100% then Heath will stop at a point, depending on where you insanity is, and get the information about Sarah from him. After the information retrieval Mr Holiday throws him off, Heath either having to run or fight him, choice completely being down to the player.

On his way to the train station he receives a panicked phone call from both Claire and Chris, asking about where Sarah is. Heath explains what’s happened, both Claire and Chris begging to come along; he asks them to meet him at the Queen Elizabeth train station, the place Sarah always went to catch the train for school.

They arrive, Claire hugging Heath for the first time since their divorce. Sobs echo through the quiet train-station, something clicking slightly in the distance like someone was flicking their tongue in their mouth; too human to be a creature, too unusual to be human. A man with an electric jack-hammer, a mask covering his features while an apron covers his body. A reminder from the note, he glances at the clock realising its striking near to half four in the morning, Sarah’s train normally leaves at half four in the afternoon — meaning Heath knew he was going to have to distract the man before the train arrives.

Claire and Chris both run out of the way while Heath runs to lure the creature away before the train arrives at the platform. A quick blow to his head (unavoidable even with the choice you make) knocking Heath unconscious, an incoming screech of a train halting on its tracks to stop at the platform. Screams and grunts are sounded throughout the train-station; Heath being dragged onto the train by an unknown force.

(You will play as Chris for this mission, having to defend Heath and Claire from the ‘The Mutilator’. Chris shoots Claire due to his distorted vision. Chris drags Heath onto the train, escaping The Mutilator)

The train journey is long, Heath waking up to Chris with his head in his hands, blood covering his shirt. Heath does not question why Claire is not there with them. Chris hands him a note, the final note. The train is going towards the doll factory

The train halts in-front of the factory, enemies lined up in waiting but not attacking. Chris and Heath walk past, clutching onto their weapons, waiting for them to attack, but they do not. They enter the factory to be greeted with The Unknown and The Deranger, Heath having to make a choice to either run or fight.

If insanity is over 50% you cannot flee from the battle, the only choice is to fight. You can pick up the weapon ‘The Blood Taker’ to fight, but it will make the fight much harder.

If insanity is below 50% then both Heath and Chris will flee and run throughout the factory; using hiding places, luring creatures by using objects until they both can find a way to where Mr H is holding Sarah, a field that is littered with doll parts and creatures.

Both Heath and Chris both confront Mr H, who is holding Sarah by the hair with a knife to her throat. Mr H threatens that if Heath comes closer he will kill her and do vulgar things to her corpse. Sarah is covered in bruises, blood running out her nose like a crimson water-fall, but thicker. Someone grabs Chris from behind, a knife pressed against his throat similar to that of Sarah’s situation. Mr H asks him to pick; Sarah or Chris, the one you pick will be the one to die.

(Each option you pick will alter the ending massively.

If player decides to pick Chris to die.

The knife slides against his throat, causing blood to spurt thickly from his neck. Chris body falls to the floor, twitching slightly. Sarah sobs loudly and gets pushed to the ground towards Heath’s feet, but she crawls over to Chris’ lifeless body. Mr H pulls off his mask to reveal who is to Heath, taunting him with horrible slurs about Claire and Chris, the player having another choice to either escape with Sarah, or to fight Mr H, 100% chance of death but you will kill Mr H and will eliminate the threat from America. If you leave with Sarah later on you will find out (In the credits) that Sarah murdered Heath, thinking he was Mr H. She has been took into California Reform Institution for the insane, doctors trying to help her but not succeeding.

If you choose Sarah to die

Mr H sticks the knife into her throat, blood spurting from her mouth and wound. Chris shakes off the masked man holding him, screams of anguish leaving his mouth as he holds Sarah to his chest, getting painted in her blood. Heath has either the choice to leave with Chris, or fight Mr H. Unlike the option with Sarah, Chris will help you fight him, resulting in a better chance of Heath surviving. Heath’s survival will really depend on his insanity level. The higher the insanity the less likely Heath will survive the battle.


If both Heath and Chris leave without fighting Mr H (Francis)

Chris and Heath decide to stay together, both dependant on the others’ companionship. They rebuild their lives, Heath finding comfort in his work and with Chris, while Chris finds comfort with his business and with Heath. However, Heath still has random outbursts of violence, even once stabbing Chris in the meat of his shoulder. Chris can still see the moment he shot Claire and the death of Sarah every-time he sleeps, causing him to wake up in a cold-sweat – shaking in fear and horror.  Heath has lost interest in dating, the same as Chris, making people speculate that they both have found love with each-other, a love that has developed from sympathy and bleeding hurt from the death of Sarah and Claire. Chris confessed to Heath about the death of Claire, about how insanity has took over his vision and how he thought Claire was The Mutilator. Heath tells Chris he knew he killed Claire, he knew what had happened as he experienced the same feeling – you cannot control what you see or feel.

If both Heath and Chris fight Mr H

Mr H fights both of the men with skill, some of Mr H’s Hench-men joining in with the fight. Mr H pins Chris to the floor and slams the tip of the dagger into the flesh of his cheek, leaving a gaping hole from cheek to cheek, the knife keeping his jaw open. Heath seen this as the chance to jump on Francis’ continuously slicing the axe that acquired before to slice it into the side of his neck in a flurry of violence. Continuously he swings the axe into his neck, Mr H lifeless on-top of Chris. Eventually he stops, throwing the axe to the floor before breaking down, sobbing into his hands before the game finally cuts off to the credits.

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