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Unit 9 Context + Characteristics research

For unit 9 we are looking at the context and characteristics of characters. To start off we looked at the different type of characters (protagonist, antagonist, side-kick, patri/matriarch, NPCs, anti-hero…etc) I, however, have already made a set of characters that follow an archetype – example Dara Samuels would fit in the sidekick category as she is much younger than Heath; not taking most of the attention away. But she does posses her own unique qualities that Heath does not have. She is lithe, making her much harder to get spotted by the creatures that lurk throughout the game.

What I am going to do for this unit is develop my character Heath Quinn and Mr H – if I have enough time – showing their journey in depth but also show how some events can change the character completely from how they were at the start. The research that will be be a big factor in this unit will be from real life encounters that follow a similar path to my character. I want to know about their reaction to the incident, along with the development of their emotions. It will help me give a realistic representation of Heath, making people really feel how he feels about the situation at hand – almost interactive, in a sense.

Heath Quinn was based of James Sunderland from Silent Hill 2 along with part of the story. Why I chose James Sunderland as the main inspiration for my character is because his story matches with my characters own story. James Sunderland will go to any lengths to find his wife, even when gets attacked from creatures, it still does not scare him in finding his wife. Just like Silent Hill 2, Heath doesn’t get a happy ending like James as James find out he was the one to kill his wife, ether causing him to commit suicide or be killed at the hands of Pyramid Head.

This story about Sean Felton, a dad who’s wife stole their son and flew out to Thailand. The article talks about the lengths the father went to to find his son, even resorting to catfishing the mother to find the location of Jobe. Sean had no help from the government or the British embassy to find his son – only using himself. However, the mother didn’t give up Jobe without a price, asking for £1000 of Sean’s £6000 property – he happily traded.

The Mirror also talks about the kidnapping, going further into depth about how Sean felt throughout the events that occurred.

The article talks about the “pure terror and panic” that gripped Sean when he found out his son was missing. He also talks about how he was “shaking” when he was going to be reunited with his son.

Sean Felton is someone who would react like any parent would in this situation of their child being kidnapped – going to any lengths to get their child back. That’s how I want Heath to be portrayed. I want to show the player that their are no lengths that Heath wouldn’t go through to get Sarah back. I also want to play with his emotions through certain situations, similar to that of Sean when he found out Jobe’s kidnapper was the mother. In my story the kidnapper was a close friend of Heath. Someone Heath deemed the closest amongst his friends. When Heath finds out who Mr H is you can almost see how his reaction would be; mixture of betrayal, hurt, heartbreak and pure anger.

Jagram, a shop owner from bachriach district’s Turaini Rajab Kudiya Village had his three sons kidnapped and taken to Nepal, forced to work in a brick making unit. Jagram’s journey was not a simple one; mortgaging the family farm to make his way to Nepal. 20 days after his departure from his town he found his children working in the factory, along with four other children from his town.

He got a job in the factory as a laborer and pleaded to the children to not reveal his identity. Late at night, Jagram snuck one of the children out but security raised the alarm before they could leave the city. They took him into a room and got mercilessly beat to which Jagram gave in and said “Keep the children”. However – after they released him – Jagram went to the local police who went and arrested the owner.

What I enjoy about this story is how Jagram – as Sean did – didn’t care about the length of the journey because their child/children were their main priority. Jagram is a selfless person, saving not only his children but also other kidnapped children who returned home to their parents. I want Heath to be portrayed as selfless at first, showing the player that he would risk everything for his daughter, but slowly becoming more selfish and for his own need when he finds out who Mr H is.

The audience that Heath is aimed more towards are the 20 – 34 year old – the audience that can relate to Heath. I want the audience members to feel exactly what Heath feels and put themselves in his shoes. Really feel how he feels on the journey to find his daughter.

Why I chose that audience in particular is because that’s the majority that have kids in that age rating, according to this document. It is sympathy for Heath the audience that have children will feel as his daughter has been kidnapped – a parents nightmare.

Another reason why he is for that majority of the audience is because the game is an 18 and the way I portray my character is not sfw. He is quite unstable when it comes to certain points of the game which could be quite distressing for a younger audience. There is a scene where you witness Heath killing his daughter – that’s if you play a game in a certain order that is – at the very end of the game as she tried to kill you first. It is quite distressing the situation and is only advised for those over 18 to play

The look of my character was heavily inspired by actor Hugh Dancy, most known for his role in Hannibal and confession of a shopaholic. What I enjoy about his look is the seriousness about him. Though he looks young – compared to my character that is – I have enough freedom to alter small parts of Hugh Dancy to fit a much older depiction. I am going to carry on playing around with his looks, selecting different male models that could fit within my character arch. However, the way I picture Heath in my head is a man with a strong, set jaw, a quite muscular build, slightly chubby due to his luxurious lifestyle, greying around the temples and vivid blue eyes – Hugh Dancy is definitely the picture perfect model

Another person I feel like would match Heath is Mads Mikkelsen. Like Hugh, he has a sturdy jaw but Mads is around the same age as Heath. That could give me a good basis of how a man should look at that age, giving me the best results. What Hugh has that Mads doesn’t is the serious look. The look Mads has is quite sinister – something Heath will become as the story progresses – but Hugh has the serious eyebrows, the emotionless face, a feature I heavily associate with Heath.

However, as Hugh Dancy is quite a slim person I cannot use his body as inspiration for Heath. In my Heath Quinn – Biography I talk about how ‘he’s athletic and quite muscular due to his love of weightlifting’ A person who does fit this criteria perfectly — and is also Australian — is Chris Hemsworth. When I think about Heath I automatically connect him to Chris Hemsworth – body wise that is – as Chris Hemsworth himself does weightlifting which gives me the most accurate proportions of a body that does this type of sport.

Heath – when the game progresses and his insanity gets higher – will develop an empathy disorder. Though similar to the definition where he can feel what the other person feels, I altered it slightly. Heath only feels empathy when he picks up a weapon and it sends him into the mind of the person who used the weapon – very similar to how they portray it in Hannibal with Will Graham. Instead of Heath being a killer and killing people around him he will see the the character who used the weapon and see the way he can use it – almost like a dream sequence or a ghost following someone but cannot be seen.

This website will help me get a basis of what alignment my character Heath Quinn will follow. If you’ve read the Synopsis – Where is she? you can see that Heath is quite a chaotic good character according to the website.

A “chaotic good character acts as his conscience directs him with little regard for what others expect of him. He makes his own way, but he’s kind and benevolent. He believes in goodness and right but has little use for laws and regulations. He hates it when people try to intimidate others and tell them what to do. He follows his own moral compass, which, although good, may not agree with that of society.”

This fits perfectly with what Heath represents as he follows his own moral compass which is to save his daughter from her kidnapper. He doesn’t like the attitude Mr H has which is kidnapping children from parents who seem to not ‘love’ their children and will do anything to stop him, even if it means killing. Heath could also fit perfectly within the anti-hero archetype, even though he is saving his daughter from the antagonist he will kill anyone who gets in his way or prevents him from achieving his goal.

Some research I did decide to conduct – as it will help me with the development of Heath – was to look at longstanding characters that have been around in the gaming world for 5+ years. These characters have to have similar characteristics to Heath so I know how I could develop him – due to the fast moving progression that is the modern world – to make him fit in with society. One of these characters were Chris Redfield (who I have talked about in another blog post) who – if you’ve read the blog post – I talk how since they’ve had a new artist for Resident Evil they’ve made him much more realistic and making him develop from the stereotypical-tough-guy-from-America-who-has-no-problems to a guy who’s had so much going on in his life he decided to stop exercising to gain his muscle mass, making him much smaller in Resident Evil 6 than he did in 5 and also making him develop an alcohol problem.

Due to a slight change of plan, I decided to use Johnny Depp as my character inspiration model. He matched my character much more than Hugh Dancy has. Hugh Dancy is quite a happy character, someone who is approachable – unlike Heath Quinn who takes pleasure in being by himself and running his company, which is quite stressful. Johnny Depp, however, has the look that shows seriousness and stress as he has bags under his eyes and wrinkles forming due to his age. Johnny Depp was definitely a better choice than Hugh Dancy.

I am planning on doing an animation for my project which either has Heath walking or an axe swinging. As I am quite new to animation it will be quite hard for me to make a top, industry standard product. With the help of this website and the workshops in class I might be able to make an alright animation that follows the principles.

With walking I have already learnt how to do that animation in class, so I could easily make that again but add detail to the character but I want a challenge. Doing an axe swing might seem easy but I want it to look realistic. The principles I will have to follow is arch. When you swing an axe you do not hold it to your chest, you swing your arm out into an arch, hoping to hit your target. To help me get this visualisation I asked some people in my class to replicate how you would swing an axe and all of them did the same: their arms were stationery at their side then they swing their arms up, making their arm curve as the ‘axe’ was behind their back then swung it down. It is almost quite slow the lifting of the axe, probably to show the weight before it moves down with a striking force.

This website gave more archetypes on what makes up a anti-hero. It mentions;

Some common attributes are: rarely speaking, being a loner, either extreme celibacy or extreme promiscuity, father issues, occasional Bad Dreams and flashbacks relating to a Dark and Troubled Past

Heath Quinn has father issues due to his father committing suicide when he was very young, causing him to not have that father/son bond; very similar to that of Bruce Wayne who was also young and witness the death of his father. It also mentioned how Heath will kill anyone who gets in his way – very true when you read the synopsis, he is willing to kill Dara (Sarah’s girlfriend) so he has a better chance of saving her. He also has flashbacks thinking about when he was a kid up till the time when he mentally abused Claire and caused her to leave his side.

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