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Unit 13 (Final Major Project) – Ideas


(The asterisk* shows the idea that I will bring forward)

Idea 1

The first idea for the ‘Final Major Project’ is to make a booklet that contains illustrations of dreams/nightmares I have had. With these illustrations I will also write a story, giving the reader an understanding of the illustrations and also giving them a sense of a realism.

This idea is appealing to me because it is something unique and different to that of the other class. As I am a lover of illustration, it seemed only fitting that my final idea will be to do with that subject in-particular. The base of the idea of doing illustration about dreams/nightmares I have had does have its merits, but this could be a very hard to achieve; not only would I have to wait every night to get a new story, you intend to forget most of your dreams/nightmares when you wake up. However, what the problem could be with this is I do not have the skills to create a book – I will need to research the easiest way to make a book or have to post as an e-book – which I do not want.

Idea 2*

Similar to the first idea, this will also be a book, but instead of the illustrations being about dreams I have had, it will be about the story of a Viking leader. It will be set out as a diary, the illustrations in the style of art from the ‘Dark Ages’; I want to make it as authentic as possible. This idea is semi-linked to unit 12 as I did some research on ‘Dark Aged’ illustrations. As this is from one person’s perspective, I could make this book into propaganda, only speaking good things about the Vikings and bad about their rivals – how it was typically used around 900 A.D – 1200 A.D. This book will be for an 18+ audience as it will contain blood and gore, typical amongst the Vikings. I want to make this book as realistic as possible. Though this will be based off actual history, I will include Old Norse mythology; mostly because this is from a Viking’s perspective they would most likely lie about some things (the existence of dwarves, elves and Gods; tales that included the Gods; the use of powers…etc)

Idea 2 is definitely the most promising amongst the other ideas as it combines both of the subjects I enjoy: illustration and history. As I am very passionate about Viking culture and Old Norse mythology I wanted to include that in my Final Major Project, along with writing. Looking at the other ideas compared to this one, they do not hold the same appeal. What attracted me most to this idea was definitely the history side, but it will give me a chance to develop on my writing skills and also give me a chance to develop my illustration skills; this will be the first time I use illustration in one of my projects. For Unit 12 I did research on the different uses of illustrated propaganda, this included the Vikings. However, the research focused on Alfred, King Of Wessex’s use of propaganda. So taking what I learnt about his use of propaganda — because it was most likely used the same way by the Vikings — and try and create a book that only makes the Vikings look good and the English look bad. A problem has arisen with this idea: I still do not have the skill to make a book. Just as I stated in the first idea I will have to research how to make a book, or ask a tutor who has the skills to create a booklet. If this does fail, I will have to create a e-book (something I do not want). I prefer to make this book into a physical copy, but I will make a survey to ask for people’s opinion, as the audience is much more important. I also need to think about the age-rating of this book as the age rating on books are very different to that of gaming.

Idea 3

Create a bunch of characters for a primarily multiplayer game. These characters will have; backstories, clothing alternatives, their attacks, biographies, concept art, sketches, weapons, animation of their movement/attacks and their special attacks. Instead of making the multiplayer game a fantasy (as most multiplayer games are) or a FPS, I will make it a horror where one team has to hunt the other – typical hide and seek.

Though this idea does sound appealing and if I was not already set on doing idea 2 I would consider doing this idea – it doesn’t really captivate me fully. I am not a fan of games which focus on multiplayer as long as it follows a narrative. Games like Overwatch and Team Fortress (games that are purely multiplayer) do have an appeal at the start because people enjoy being competitive, but after awhile it starts to lose its affect making it seem repetitive and lose the audience. However, making a horror multiplayer game is very different to the standard FPS or fantasy. I have still yet to see a horror game – that is a AAA – that just focused on multiplayer.

Idea 4

Create a concept art book based on a set genre (horror or fantasy). This concept art book will based on a game (that I will make), containing concept art on the character’s that will be present throughout the game, adding a biography to these characters so the audience can get a feel of what their attitude is like. I will also do concept art sketches on the weapons these characters will have — as the weapons are personal to them — along with accessories that each character uses. As an additional, I will do concept art sketches on the environments that will be in the same, showing key assets that will be throughout the games. Maybe I could to the creatures/enemies that will be throughout the game also, but that will only be achieved if I am confident I will have enough time to do this step.

If I was doing unit 13 last year I would’ve picked this idea in a heartbeat, but my interests have changed drastically. In the past I would be happy just doing a book which contained several concept art pieces of characters – as I loved character design and concept art – and let me add biographies to give life to my characters and objects, but since I discovered illustration I no longer have this need. That is not to say I hate this idea because I did consider this to be my unit 13 project, but it really does not compare to idea 1 or 2 which will let me make illustrations for a story/stories. This idea does seem very similar to the project I made last year where I created a series of different characters, adding biographies and backstories to give life to my characters along with creating villains and creatures. The only thing that was different was I did not make a concept art book, but I made a synopsis book instead.


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