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Unit 13 (Final Major Project) – Idea Development

(Ideas )

The idea I picked was to make an illustrated book based during when the Vikings reigned. This book would be set out as a diary containing illustrations to do with the event. These illustrations will be propaganda due to this idea being linked to unit 12; a research project that had me looking at the different uses of propaganda throughout history. However, I am always changing this idea, thinking of different ways this could be approached: base the book off the actual Viking leader Ragnar Lodbrok (Lothbrok), containing illustrations of key events; follow the story of Ivar The Boneless (the son of Ragnar and Aslaug) and follow his journey and how he became the most famous Viking in history; create my own Vikings, loosely basing them off real Vikings that have been documented in history books and create their own journey.

Though I want my book to be as historically accurate as possible, it is also gives me chance for me to create my own characters, as that is my strongest suit. I could, however, create a character and base it off Ragnar, or better yet, base it off several Viking warriors that have been documented in history books.

With the diary idea – it does have its appeal as I can talk about key events as if I was the character himself, giving information about how the Vikings were, along with creating illustrations in a way it seems like the writer drew them, but I also want to write a story of all Vikings instead of focusing on one story; I decided to change this idea to a story book which is both fantasy and non-fiction. I want to not only share the story of one Viking, but of several and show what their jobs were within their Viking clans. This book is a chance for me to share history about the Vikings to those who might have limited knowledge, giving them an experience of how life might of been back in 700 – 1200 A.D. What I am also going to include within this book is the slow change of the pagan religion into Christianity as that was a key event in Viking history. As I stated before,  I want this book to be as historically accurate as possible.

16th March 2017

Since I last wrote in this document a large change has happened with my idea. When asking for feedback about my idea to my class once again, my tutor gave a suggestion about doing the POV of my story from someone elses eyes; someone looking in essentially. I thought it was fantastic and sent a flurry of different ideas through my head: who could this character be?; was he close to the Viking clan?; could this character be a slave captured by the Viking and is talking about the jarl and his family from his view?; could this person be the wife of the Jarl? – a lot of different ways to approach this. From inspiration of the show Vikings, I decided to make this character a monk, captured on the island of Lindisfarne by the Jarl himself. It will be very interesting with how I could go about this. Even though I stated I wanted to make the Vikings look good and the Anglo-Saxons look bad, I could change that and depict the Vikings as they always are in media. Or I could make it that’s the slave has became close to the family; this sometimes happened with the slaves. They were treated well by their owners and sometimes were given a piece of land as their owners favoured them. In very rare cases the owner even freed the slave, making them free to do what they want.

22nd March 2017

I decided to change the last name of Jarl Gunvaldsson to Jarl Baardsen as the name which I decided to use for my Viking would be Gunnar. Selecting a name which sounds similar to the last name of the Viking doesn’t seems right to me, deciding to select a last name I was going to use originally.

30th March 2017

Looking back at my idea when I first conjured it I stated that I was going to make an e-book, but getting feedback from my closest friends and family and also looking at a poll about what people preferred: e-books or printed books, a good 80% said printed books were better – I agree. Which changed the final presentation from e-book to printed book. However, as I stated on the idea document, I simply do not have the skills to be able to make a book, so I will have to search on the internet on how to make a simple book, or a book which looks aesthetically pleasing.

30th May 2017

I decided to add another page to my book which contains character pictures. This was simply for my aesthetic pleasure as I wanted to show the characters in my book without including them in the main story. I will not use photoshop for these pieces – though line-art will be quite nice to add – to these works as I still have other illustrations to finish creating.

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