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Unit 13 (Final Major Project – Diary 8/03/2017

8th March 2017

S – Today in class I plan to get feedback on my idea that will help my develop my idea

M – I will get at least 5 post it notes done that contain feedback from my peers

A – I have not had feedback on my idea yet, so getting this feedback will give me a clearer idea of how I could approach my project

R – The time limit I have set myself is quite realistic as I do not need that much time to pitch my idea and get feedback off the three peers in my group

T – 14:00pm – 14:30pm

I did not complete this task within the time limit I gave myself as we were working in a group so we had to make sure we listened to everyone’s idea and give feedback which was very time consuming. However, even though we went over the time limit I definitely got the information I wanted to help me take this idea further.

The feedback I got off my peers was very useful and gave me a deeper understanding of how I could approach my idea. Shannon – one of the people in my group – gave me very good feedback on how I should get a good balance of fantasy and facts in my book to engage the audience. Though I want to make my book purely factual with some aspects of fantasy – the fantasy being that of what the Vikings believed happened: Berserkers could take the spirit of a wolf/bear to help them in battle; Odin can give powers to certain soldiers in battle, making them invincible in battle; Elves and Dwarves were real. However, including a balance of both would definitely make the book more interesting as not only will it make people aware of how the Vikings thought about fantasy and about Viking mythology, but it will bring in a bigger audience from both history and historical fantasy. Shannon gave another piece of feedback where she said are you sure the propaganda style of illustration will match the book? This I am not sure of, so I am glad Shannon brought this question up. I wanted to include propaganda into this book due to my unit 12 project as I wanted to carry it over, but the more I think about it I don’t think it will work. I could make it so the illustration only make the Vikings look good and their opposing enemies look bad – a typical use of propaganda. The final feedback Shannon gave was to combine both dark-age style of art (for illustrations) along with my own style to make the fantasy theme more realistic.

Another piece of feedback I got was from Tim and he said how I should work on the layout of the book to make it look good but also make it a storybook. But this is a problem: this is the first time I will be making a book so I very limited knowledge of how to make a book look very appealing if illustrations are involved. To help me get an understanding, I will research online about how to set out a book but I will also get primary research and look at books in the libraries and see how these books are set out.

James, another student in my class, gave an interesting question of how would I make the book more interesting to those who do not like reading. As my book is both literature and illustration, I think the book would cater to most audiences. Though my audience is mostly focusing on those who enjoy reading, history and fantasy, this book will definitely be for everyone.

Beth then gave me her feedback on my idea, which is very useful for a tutor to give their feedback as their feedback matters the most. She said I should think about the age-rating of the book.

S – Begin the first part of your research

M – Find three sources that will help with your project

A – I have done a lot of research within this course so this will be a very simple task in finding three sources that will help with my project

R – The time limit I will set myself will probably be longer than it should be as I want to make sure the sources I find are very useful with how my project will play out

T – 19:00pm – 20:30pm

This SMART target I set myself was definitely a bad idea as I did not realise how busy I would be at this time. But I still did two paragraphs that talk about how I came to my idea along with the overview of what I am planning on creating. Next time I set a target I will make sure I am free within that time-frame.

My target for tomorrow is I will begin my statement of intent and if I have enough time I will begin my proposal, but only if I have enough time. Another target I will set myself tomorrow is to start finding sources for my research or going to the college library to find pictures books on how I could do the layout of my own book. If I do not find any books I will try to find books to do with Vikings and getting more information on them.

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