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Unit 13 – Proposal



My skills have developed a lot since I joined this class two years ago: from when I did not know how to change the brush size in photoshop to now being able to shade a character to make them look realistic — It is amazing what you can learn within two years. This course has let me explore different techniques as in unit 12 I was able to research illustration, a subject I have become very passionate about and gave me opportunity to include history in this process. Creating a historical book that contains both literature and illustrations seemed like the best step for me because I love both writing and drawing. What I want to get out this project is to show I am not just a games student, but I am someone who will move out of their comfort zone to try something new. This project is the first time I will be using illustration.

Project Concept

My book is going to be a historical fantasy book, which follows a Viking clan. It will be centred on the leader/Jarl of the clan as we watch him experience events that happened when the Vikings were thriving (The attack on Lindisfarne, The attack on France, Ragnar Lodbrok, Ragnar’s children getting revenge…etc). I want this book to be a non-fiction book that will let the audience learn more about the Vikings: their lifestyle, what they believed in (both pagan and Christianity), how they fought in battle, their ranking system in their clans…etc. The research I will need to conduct for this project is quite plentiful as not only will need to find more information about how the Vikings lived, but I also need to research how to use illustrator as I am still new to the software and only touched on it in my first year and also unit 12. I will ask my tutor for workshops to help with this process. Within these 11 weeks, I hope that I will create a book with some illustrations along with a short story — longer if I have enough time.


To keep up my progress, I am going to do daily targets so I know what I have done/or what still needs to be done. With these targets I will also reflect on my progress that will help me improve throughout the project. I will also make a schedule so I can keep on track of what needs to be done/still needs to be done so I do not fall behind. To document changes in my project I will update my blog on wordpress in “Idea Development” to show how my idea changed from its original form.

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