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Unit 13 (Final Major Project) – Diary 11/03/2017

11th March 2017

S – Complete the  my statement of intent, talking about the research I will be conducting

M – Write two paragraphs that contain the information needed to explain my idea

A -I have already completed a statement of intent for unit 12, so I have some knowledge of how to create a statement of intent

R – The time frame will be lengthy as I want to make sure my statement of intent is up to standard

T – 18:30pm – 20:00pm

This task was completed one hour after the time I said I would complete it. Why this happened was due to the distraction of staying at someone’s house – they caused me to forget about my task for 30 minutes. However, when I did manage to work I did it quickly, telling the reader what my idea is, what I want to use my book for and the research I will conduct. Not only will that make me look professional as I have thought about the different research I could find, but it also gives and idea of what my final product will be.

Task for tomorrow is to begin the main body of research. This task will take me all day as I want to make sure the sources I find are the highest quality for my project.

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