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Unit 13 (Final Major Project) – Diary 13/07/2017

13th March 2017

S – Begin the main body of research

M – Find 10 sources that are either: secondary, quantitive and qualititive

A – I have done research for other projects and have became very good at this process

R – The time limit will be vast as I want to spend all day finding research as it is the most important for my project

T – 9:00am – 20:00pm (With breaks every hour)

I found myself distracted constantly within this time, but I did manage to find three pieces of research which are very important for the development of my project. I found out about how age-rating does not really matter – it is mostly used for children books so they can advance with their reading. I discovered a website that gave me tips on how to know who my audience is: history fans, fantasy and romance fans; it was useful. And lastly was the Jorvik Viking Centre website – Jorvik was what the Viking town was called in York. I wanted to discover how the Vikings lived and they definitely gave me the information I needed, from how they built their houses, to their eating habits to what jobs they did. I need to know this for when I describe their town in my book.

S – Find a source which talks about Vikings weapon use or clothing

M – Get one source

A – I have searched the internet for a specific source before – it took awhile but eventually I found the answer I was looking for

R – I will give myself a short amount of time as I think a lot of sources will include the information I need

T – 23:00pm – 23:30pm

My target for tomorrow is to carry on with the research and try not to get distracted by my surroundings.

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