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Unit 13 (Final Major Project) – Diary 14/03/2017

14th March 2017

S – Find a source which talks about the clothing Viking jarls wore so I can get and image of what my Viking character will wear in the illustrations/book.

M – Find two sources that go into detail about their clothing so I can conpare

A – I have done a comparison of two sources for unit 12 to determine to reliability of the information given.

R – As I am good at finding research this task will take me a short amount of time, but I will extend the time limit in case I cannot find these sources

T – 19:10pm – 20:00 pm

I have found one source which talks about the mantles which only wealthy Vikings, Jarls and High kings wore during this era. It was very important to get this information as my main character is a jarl, so I now have an idea of what his outfit could best. I didn’t get another source as I didn’t have enough time as I was too invested in this source, but I will find another one within the next hour.

My target for tomorrow is to gets information about the clothes the Vikings may of wore back in their time, giving me a clearer view of what my Viking Jarl may dress like.

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