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Unit 13 (Final Major Project) – 15/03/2017

15th March 2017

S – Carry on talking about the clothing that the Vikings wore – mostly the wealthy Vikings. If this is completed go into more detail about how weapons were used in battle, along with how the Vikings fought in battle

M – Revise the BBC history source and write 300 words which talks about Viking weapons and warfare during the Viking era

A – As I have already looked at this source I will be able to collect the information I need within a short space of time

R – The time limit will only be short as I am only revising over and already existing source

T – 14:30pm – 15:00pm

As I was only revising over the source which I already collected, it didn’t take me that long to pick out the important information. Within the 30 minutes I managed to reread the source — in case I didn’t miss anything else — and wrote 300 words, most likely more as I am someone who likes to go into detail.

Tomorrow I will continue to look over this source as there is some useful information that can be included into my project

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