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Unit 13 (Final Major Project) – Weekly evaluation

Week One
This week was used as idea generation, thinking about what I could produce within the next 11 weeks. I came up with four ideas that I found very interesting

Week Two
This week has been a development week. I wanted to make sure that the idea I am doing is something I want to do for eleven weeks, so I asked for feedback off my peers. They gave me many ideas of how I could approach this idea: would propaganda really fit with the artstyle you are going for? Would the book be dominated by the fantasy genre which you hope to include? Will fantasy actually take the audience away from the actually historical part of the book? This feedback has actually been a lot of help, unlike if I was asking for feedback again I would most likely dismiss them, but this time I actually thought about it and considered.

Week Three
This week has been a very productive week as I have wrote over 2000+ words of my research, making up for my lack of research last week. I have found out very interesting information about the Vikings that I did not know to what they wore in battle down to the type of food they ate at feasts/daily lives; it will be very beneficial. I have kept up to date with my action plan, which I did not do last week. However, there was one task I was meant to do: environmental sketches. As I do not have a sketchbook on hand, I will need to wait for college to have new sketchbooks in stock, making me behind in my action plan.

Week Four

To catch up with my action plan, I decided to use a sketchbook I used for unit 12. However, I used the sketchbook for a completely different purpose to what I said on my plan; I did not sketch environments, I instead did weapon sketches as that seemed most important. These sketches consisted of different variations of weapons, for both Gunnar and Elmer. Each weapon related to a reference image I took at the Manchester Museum – primary research. What I did follow on my action plan was the continuation of my research – which is an ongoing process – and began the writing process of my story. Like last week, I was very disapointed in my progression, expecting to do more than what I set out to do. This is a very obvious indication that I need to plan more efficiently, so I created a gaant chart to follow my progression and see what needs to be done.

From this evaluation, it has made me more determined to do more work next week to make up for the lack of work this week.

Week Five

I finally began doing the environmental sketches – sketches that were supposed to have been done in the second week. Yet, once I think about it, with the lack of synopsis – which I have completed – how would I know what would be in the story? Yes, I could build my story around the sketches, but it seemed like a better approach

Week Six

This week I took the chance to update my gannt chart – a piece of work I continuously forget to do. I had to look through each target I wrote from week four (yes, that far back) and tick each box where I did a task. Learning from this mistake, I will continue to update my gannt chart weekly so I do not have to waste time going back through old targets.

Week Seven

I managed to complete my narrative, though I promised myself I would complete it on the week I came back. However, it seemed better to complete this task further on in the weeks as I was focusing more on my sketches; what would my illustrations for my book include? What I also managed to do this week is finish the character profiles, which I started within week five. Why it took so long to finish the character profile is because of the narrative. I wanted to complete the narrative so I could get a feel for my characters, talking about the experiences they have had throughout life.

Even though the character profiles are completed, I still feel the need to edit them, wanting to refine my characters more so the audience feels more connected to them.

What I have also done this week is upload my final sketches for my illustrations and began to do linework. I managed to line all the illustrations I uploaded, some still need to be refined. I mentioned in my “Practical Problem” blog post that my character, Gunnar Baardsen, did not fit the age he was, meaning I had to do more sketches to test what his look should be. When I finished the sketches, I asked two of my peers (Adam and Tim) which eyes, nose, facial hair and lips they preferred. Getting feedback on something you are not sure on is the best thing you can do.

Week Eight

This week I have finished doing lineart for all of my illustrations, ready for when I begin adding colour. The first illustration I have began doing work for is my vhapter six sketch, which depicts a boat travelling on a vicious sea. When creating the sea, I thought of a simple technique – without searching online – on how to make the sea look as if it is moving on a 2D illustration. I simply coloured in the sea in a dark blue then lowered the opacity and chose a much lighter blue and began creating intricate zigzags to represent the waves. It is not done yet, but up to now you can see the formation of waves, like the sea.

What I have also done this week in began colouring in Elmer in chapter seven, where he is tied to a stake and ready to be burnt. Before this, however, I tested around with how the sky may look in my illustrations as the majority and gloomy – pathetic fallacy. I think I copied it quite well, adding depth to the sky by changing the clouds style as no cloud is the same shape.

Week Nine

Week Ten

Week Eleven

Week Twelve

Week Thirteen

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