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Unit 13 (Final Major Project) – Diary 17/03/2017

16th March 2017/17th March 2017

S – Find sources that talk about key events of the Vikings (700 A.D – 900 A.D)

M – I will find five sources that talk about the places the Vikings raided within this time (Lindsfarne; Norththumbria…etc)

A – Like the other research pieces I have done, I compare sources and pick out the best ones, if they are all good then I make sure to include the most important parts of each source.

R – The time frame will be much longer than I gave to the other targets as I want to make sure I gets the most out of the information given.

T – 23:30pm – 01:00 am

17th March 2016

S – Continue with the research of key raids that happened between 700 A.D to 900 A.D

M – Find two more sources which talks about the different raids that occured on United Kingdom soil or in Europe

A – Searching for sources has been something I have became good at, so finding two more sources on raids will not be difficult

R – The time limit will be a bit broad as I want to find the source which gives the best information

T – 01:30am – 02:30

S – Find sources which talks about the Vikings going to Normandy, putting Rollo into power

M – Find two sources that talks about how the Vikings took over Normandy, France and how Rollo managed to become the duke

A – As I do with all sources, I pick two and then compare them to seen which information is better suited for my project or has the best information

R – Learning from the targets and the time frame I have put for each targets, I have learned to widen the time frame so I have enough time

T – 18:10pm – 19:30pm

I could not find any information on Rollo taking over the small town of Normandy located in France, but I did find another piece of information which interested me more: Ragnar Lodbrok’s (Lothbrok) time in France. I knew the infamous Viking had been in France at one point in his life, but I never knew he tried to capture the heart of France, Paris. This information was much more interesting than that of Rollo as I want to make it seem as if my Viking was a close solider of Ragnar’s, being at his side at the key events of Vikings history — apart from Lindisfarne.

I didn’t need a long time frame as the first few sources I filtered through contained the information that I needed for my project. It also made me realise that if I were to get information about Rollo it would be very

S – Find more information to do with Ragnar and his time within Britain

M – Find at least one source which talks about Ragnar’s time in England

A – As I do with all my research sources, I will compare them and pick the best one

R – I will make the time frame as long as my previous target as I like to read through my sources in depth to see if the information they have given is good enough for my project

T – 20:00pm – 21:00pm

Ragnar’s shipwreck in Northumbia and how King Alle defeated the shipwrecked Vikings, capturing the Danish King and throwing him into the pit of snakes. I wanted to see if there was any information about Ragnar raiding England but I could not find anything, the sources only talking about the fall of Ragnar; that is okay. Finding this out made me aware that Ragnar didn’t have that much influence in England, that the raid that hit England most was the raid on Lindisfarne.

I did complete this task much earlier than anticipated, which is fine as it gives me more time to look for any other information for my project. I want to get most of the research out of the way so I can begin writing the synopsis of my book and coming up with the biography for each of the characters included in the story. This task has been very successful

My target for Sunday is to find books (sagas, journals, diaries…etc) that talk about the old norse pagan faith so I can begin writing the synopsis for my story. Though I already know about the old norse mythology, it is better to refresh my memory so I don’t miss anything out when I begin writing my book.

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