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Unit 13 (Final Major Project) – 19/03/2017 – 20/03/2017

19th March 2017/20th March 2017

S – Begin finding sources that talk about the old norse pagan belief

M – I want to find three books that are either sagas which were from the Viking era or books which historians have wrote, interpreting the text

A – For unit 12 I had to look at a range of different books and pick out different information that’s could be used for my project.

R – I will make the time frame long but I have to make sure I don’t go too overboard as I have college in the morning

T – 23:50pm – 01:30 am

Unfortunately I did not even begin to do this task as I fell asleep around 00:30am. I did have an idea of which source I could look at as this is a source I have read in the past: the poetic edda and the prose edda which has tales about the norse mythology.

20th March 2017

S – Carry on with finding names for the characters for the book

M – I will find 15 more names that are both for the women, men and the slave in this story. The names will be powerful apart from the slave as he was anglo-saxon and a priest – his name will relate to that of nobility or religion

A – As I have already found names for this project already, this task will not be that hard to achieve as I already have a source in mind of where I could pluck these names

R – The time frame may be a bit longer than it should be but in the remaining time I will review the names and start doing a deduction of which names I like the most

T – 11:40am – 12:40pm

I got distracted with another task which required my attention, creating a gannt chart. But I did not completely forget this task. I did not, however, find 15 names but I found seven names which are for both the sons of Jarl Gunvaldsson but also for the slave which will be directing the story. The names I picked out for the Jarl’s sons are very powerful and are very fitting as the Jarl himself is very powerful, while the names I picked for the slave priest are that of peace, religion and nobility – very fitting for him. I didn’t just want to pick a name and give it to my characters, I wanted to make sure it had weight. I wanted to make sure that these names were powerful enough to compete with the Jarl’s — most unlikely as his chosen name is that of a God — but they do have a strength that will make others shudder in fear.

S – Continue with the name generation and finally come to a decision what each character’s name will be and the reason for this

M – I will generate 5 more male names along with 5 more female names and begin filtering which names I want each of my characters to have

A – With the target before this I was filtering through the names that seemed most appealing and put them in the word document, I can do the same

R – I want make this target as long as I have other pressing matters to attend to within my project

T – 14:30pm – 15:20pm

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