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Unit 13 (Final Major Project) – Diary 21/03/2017

21st March 2017

S -Go into the city centre and collect primary research from: the Manchester art gallery, the Manchester museum and the central library

M – Collect a wide range of different sources that will help with how your project will progress to its final form

A – Last years I went through the same steps, but as my FMP was much more broader and gave me a lot of leeway I was able to gets any information and fit it around my project. However, since I have a project that is just fixed out one thing it becomes increasingly difficult

R – I have myself a large time frame as I am not really sure at what time I will be finished, but from looking at my project last year I have an idea of long I will be

T – 12:00pm – 16:30pm

The information me and Tim got from these locations have been very helpful: a Viking painting in the art museum shown a funeral of a Viking, being sent off into the sea on a boat which being set alight, which gave me an idea of how my Viking could be sent off as he is slain. The museum contained interesting artefacts, though not about the Vikings but from the Roman era. As these two cultures were so close to each-other I could link them, somehow. One of the key artefacts from the museum was in fact the weapons exhibit which had a range of different weapons: spears, axes, knives – weapons the Vikings have been known to use. It gave me inspiration on the way the weapons in the book could look like.

However, the central library was the most important place for my project. Fortunately, I found a book that contained both tales of Norse mythology and also illustrations which documented the key parts in the story. As I am myself making a story, this was probably the most important piece of research  I got, along with the Norse tales from Kershaw, containing a death song that gave me inspiration to create a song for my own Viking when he gets killed.

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