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Unit 13 (Final Major Project) – The Fall Of Jarl Baardsen Synopsis

Chapter One

The Vikings assault Lindisfarne, causing death and destruction on the island. Some priests get kidnapped, Elmer being one of them as they are brought before Gunnar Baardsen, the leader of the assault. Gunnar tells the priests they are to be slaves to the Vikings, speaking good English to the priests surprise. The priests get a firm blow to the head and carried to the boat

Chapter Two

Ragnar, Gunnar and Elmer plan an attack on France; their biggest raid yet. They have been planning this attack for months and hope everything will go according to plan. Ragnar tells Elmer that he is a good man and he is proud of what he has accomplished over the last 40 years, assigning him as his right hand man when they go to battle, along with Gunnar. Gunnar and Elmer reflect on their relationship, Gunnar saying how much he appreciates the priest even though he thought he would despise Elmer because of how England treated him. Elmer tells him that he saved him from Lindisfarne and that he is glad he is now with Ragnar and Gunnar.

Chapter Three

Elmer found it difficult with this new life with the constant physical demands on his body. Gunnar’s two oldest twins , Håkon and Ásbjorn help him with his tasks. Gunnar shouts at his sons, causing an argument between  Håkon and Gunnar. Elmer tries to calm the argument down as Gunnar throws his fist at him, hitting him and causing him to fall. Håkon then punches his father, his mother then getting involved, hurting Gunnar with a hit of her shield. She helps the priest up and tell him that he can sleep in her and Gunnar’s room for the night. Elmer realises that he is now part of the family. Eerika’s (Gunnar’s wife) daughters Siv, Astrid and Svanhild tend to his injuries, telling him that their father holds a grudge against England and its people. That’s when we hear about Gunnar’s past.

Chapter Four

Ragnar, Gunnar and Elmer command the boats through the town of Rouen, catching sight of Charles the Bald’s soldiers on either side of the banks. It was predictable. The three men attack the smaller army first in sight of the larger army, causing them to flee. Then they made their way to Paris where they destroyed, killed and looted the town, Charles begging them to leave if he gives them a large sum of 7000 silver; they accept. Ragnar congratulates both of the men for a successful raid, assigning Elmer as his person solider, along side Gunnar who has been his solider since after the raid of Lindisfarne.

Chapter Five

Elmer, when fetching water from the village well, gets attacked by a Viking. The smaller male struggled to get free from the Viking until the man hurting him gets thrown off of Elmer. Gunnar then continues to punch the man who was trying to hurt him, screaming vicious words in Old Norse. He then stops, turning towards Elmer who then helps him up. Gunnar then tells him they are travelling to Copenhagen to meet Ragnar. When they arrive, Ragnar talks to Gunnar about Elmer, asking him why he brought him. Gunnar mentions that Elmer is very clever and tactical, useful for a battle. Ragnar introduces Elmer to his family: Ivar, Bjorn, Sigurd and Ubba, along with his wife Aslaug. They welcome him, apart from Aslaug.

Chapter Six

Ragnar, Gunnar and Elmer travel, unfortunately crashing in Northumbria. Alle is waiting with his men and plans to attack the Vikings, putting up a good fight in the process. Ragnar gets captured as Gunnar is slain in front of Elmer; the fall of Gunnar Baardsen. Elmer morns the fallen Vikings’ begging for mercy off of Alle, to which he got. He went back to Denmark, telling Ragnar’s and Gunnar’s sons of the death of their father, causing them to go back to Northumbria to kill King Alle, which they did.

Chapter Seven

King Alfred hears about the death of King Alle, sending his forces down to Northumbria where he defeats the small Viking army, Elmer being captured Ivar, Bjorn, Asbjorn and Snorri trying to save him, but it was too late. When Elmer is tied to the stake, being called a betrayer to his country he reflects on his life with Gunnar and how Gunnar became his greatest friend, thus ends the story

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