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Unit 13 (Final Major Project) – Diary 24/03/2017

24th March 2017

S – Continue with the synopsis, trying not to go into too much detail as I did yesterday

M – Write at least 200 words per chapter, try not to go over this word limit

A – Learning from my mistake yesterday, I will try not to go over the word limit I will set myself as a synopsis is meant to be brief, giving the viewer an idea of what will happen in the book

R – As this is quite a lengthy task, trying to think of ways in which this could play out would require me to be very vigilant and try not to go for the first idea that comes into my head, though I already have a vision of how it could play out

T – 14:10pm – 16:00pm

I have completed the task two minutes before I said it would be completed, though not big of a difference, it proves when I am not distracted I can complete tasks with ease. The synopsis has been completed, briefly talking about what will be contained in each chapter. Why this is important is because when I come to write the narrative I can see what I wrote in my synopsis and write, but in more detail. It saves me time trying to conjure up a story for my Vikings. I may still, however, change some parts as my project still continues to develop throughout time, so I will make sure to document those changes in my my “Idea Development” post

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