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Unit 13 (Final Major Project) – Diary 25/03/2017

25th March 2017

S – Watch the clip of Einar Selvik sing the death song of Ragnar Lodbrok

M – Write 400 words talk about the relevance of this source and how it will help with the project. Why is it important to have a death song? Was it to show importance? Let their lineage go on?

A – I have had to review clips before, so this task is pretty simple compared to other targets I have gave myself

R – As this is a new source to review over, I will make the time limit slightly longer that it should be, just so I know I am writing the right thing.

T – 15:40pm – 16:50pm

The time limit was too long, me completing the task in under 15 minutes. I talked about the important of Ragnar’s death song and how it gave me inspiration to write a song for my own Viking – as I stated previously on the research blog post. I want the song that I am going to make for him one that makes him above everyone, that even the Gods cower within his shadow. However, a problem did arise as I do not know how to write songs, or ballads for that matter. What I will have to do is read a range of different ballads that talk about the death of a figure and get inspiration, without copyrighting.

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