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Unit 13 – Jarl Baardsen Character Profiles

Elmer: Elmer was a young priest from Lindisfarne who got kidnapped by Gunnar Baardsen to be a slave for his family. Compared to the other priests, Elmer was unique having his own ideals about the world instead of being devote to Christianity. Sometimes he does find himself praying, mostly out of habit but also to get extra luck in his life.

Elmer has a face that you would associate as feminine: big brow eyes; companined by thick lashes; high cheek bones; thick lips with a curved cupid’s bow; an oval face shape, making his face look long and elegant. His features resemble that of a snow elf. Elmer’s hair, when at Lindisfarne was the same as that of the other priests, a shaved middle with evenly cut tuffs of hair, just reaching the top of his eyebrow. It is a rich chocolate colour, matching that of his eyes. After Lindisfarne, 10 years later, his hair reaches his shoulder, decorated with a single plait. At this time, he has also grown a beard, making him look less feminine and more to that of Viking kidnappers.

But when the events of Paris come about, his long is much lengthier, reaching his breastbone and dyed an unnatural yellow. His beard has grown much longer also, the bottom of his hair touching his collar bone. It has been plaited, to make the facial hair look much neater on his face.

Elmer was born into a rich family, his father being the duke to the king Northumbria, but to unfortunate events, died. When this happened Elmer was very young – simply a child to which his mother sent him to Lindisfarne, for she hoped he would have a better life.

When Elmer was in Køge, he began to fall in love with Eerika, Gunnar’s wife. But over time the affection for her was gone, the realisation that he could not take his love for her further became daughting. However, his feelings only seem to grew for Gunnar when he set him free and they became close. He felt guilty about loving Gunnar, his bestfriend, afraid that if his feelings got out then he would be shunned from Køge. But just like Eerika, the feelings slowly began to die out, but not completely as after his death he realises that his heart still aches for him.

Gunnar/John: Gunnar, originally named John, was a teenager before he decided to leave the land of Northumbria. He left due to false accusation that his father murdered the king of Northumbria at the time. When he arrived at Scandinavia, it took him a week until he found people, unfortunately these people did not speak English. A Viking, by the name of Bladr Baardsen, the Jarl of Køge decided to take John under his wing, seeing potential in the young man. He taught John what he needed to know about their culture, their rituals, fighting and even their language. In return he works on his farms and deliver goods.

Bladr Baardsen had one son and one daughter: Freger Baardsen and Eerika Baardsen. At first Freger and Eerika was reluctant about John’s presence, assuming he was a spy sent from the far lands, but they trusted their father’s opinion of him. Within the two years of John living with Bladr and his son and daughter, he decided to change his name. He no longer wanted to associate with his tainted English name, but he wantes a powerful name – a name to send fear into his enemies. He recalled a tale his step-father said, with a God called Gunnar, the God of war. That was the title he chose.

Gunnar and Eerika fell in love, asking permission from Bladr if they could be wed, to which he accepted happily. Within the next two years, before he went to Lindisfarne, he had two daughters and twin boys. However, Bladr unfortunately died from an infected stab wound, Freger then being lost at sea with his comrades. Gunnar and Eerika decided to take over Køge and rule over the town.

After Lindisfarne, Ragnar Lodbrok decided to visit Køge, hearing about the death of Bladr. This is when Gunnar and Ragnar meet, talking about a trade route for their towns and about future raids they could go on. A start of a beautiful friendship.

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