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Unit 13 – 27/04/2017

S – Finish chapter seven of the book The Fall Of Jarl Baardsen

M – As I have already wrote most of it, I will only need to write around 700 more words as this is the final chapter and the most lengthy

A – Like when I am writing the other chapters, I have an idea of how to write it out with the help of my synopsis

R – The time limit for this, as it is only 700 words, will not be as long as if it was 1000 words so I have an idea of what time I should give myself. But I need to take into account that I am ill, meaning I will have to take breaks in between.

T – 11:50am – 13:10pm

I managed to write three paragraphs, which equals to around 500 words, nearly hitting my target of 700 words. Why I didn’t complete this target was for what I said before: I am ill so it is quite hard for me to concentrate. But what these paragraphs talk about are key parts to the book, in which I talked about in my synopsis of where Elmer is about to get took to Wessex to burn on the stake. Why it is so long was for a build up, making the reader feel more connected to Elmer as he is about to face death. Before this scene he was grieving his dead friend, Gunnar, making this scene more hard hitting.

What problems which have occured in this task was grammar. After I finish my story, me and my friend, Lauren, are going to read through my book, correcting an mistakes I have made.

S – Continue with chapter seven of my book and hopefully finish it

M – As I have wrote 500 words for my chapter and I said I could do 700 words, I might make the measurable longer as this chapter seems to be much more vast than the others. For this target I will write around 500 more words

A – Like my other target, I have wrote chapters so I have an idea of what to write with the help of the synopsis I wrote.

R – I want to spend time perfecting this chapter so I will spend quite a large majority of time doing so.

T – 14:50pm – 17:10pm

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Unit 13 – Preface

I made this book to show the passion I have for both illustration and history. I wanted people to see what I excel in and what I want to take further in the future. But this book was mostly made to show the misconception people have about the Vikings, the media tarnishing their name. I wanted to make the Vikings more humane than documented, not just killers out for blood, slaves and treasure. They were more than that.

This book is from the perspective of a slave who was kidnapped by the Viking Jarl, Gunnar Baardsen, but what we see through his journey is from his life as a priest to a slave and finally to a freeman. Some Vikings let their slaves go so they can be free, even giving them land so they can raise a family of their own. That is the side I wanted to show: the compassion they had for people – they were not always small minded creatures. But to make the Vikings seem more humane I had to show him with his family; how he acted with his children and his wife. This is probably the best way to show that they were not just vicious humans, but they loved and cherished their family.

However, I was not going to take out the violence of the book as the Vikings, though were not bloodthirsty, still enjoyed fighting. I included several battles in this book, which have been documented in history, for example; the battle in Paris, led by Ragnar Lodbrok; the attack on Lindisfarne, many priests losing blood on its holy ground; The accidental attack in Northumbria, where it has been documented that Ragnar Lodbrok had lost his life.

This book is also a personal one as I am someone who enjoys writing, so seeing that there was an opportunity that I could do this, but add illustrations was the best step I could go for with my FMP. In my other units I did include aspects of Vikings as I really enjoy their cultures and mythology, so making my FMP all about Vikings was not only fun for me but I found out some interesting stuff I did not know about these Norsemen.

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Unit 13 – Practical Problems


Now that I have begun to the production side of my unit, I have come across a lot of problems, just within the first hour of starting.

When I was doing the line work of my illustrations, I noticed that the perspective was off in most of the sketches, me having to move certain objects to the side. One of the biggest examples was the sword in Chapter Six, that is impaling Gunnar, the two sides of the sword does not match up. But it is not the only perspective that needed to be altered. The style choices I picked did not suit the whole of the illustration, looking almost childish in comparison.

This was the original ship head, and as you can see it does not look as good as I anticipated, looking very childish and not as detailed as I hoped it would be. Now that I am doing these sketches on Photoshop it is much easier to alter them and if I make a mistake I can always undo, unlike if I was actually drawing. I would have to keep rubbing the drawing out, then re-drawing but that can mess up the paper, leaving marks behind.

Head of boat 1st


This is the improved head and as you can see it has improved a lot from its original design. Unlike the first drawing you can see for what I was going for: a dragon. But it does still need improvements. I will alter the head when I come to do the colouring.

Head 2

I have also been faced with another practical problem when I was doing my line art. I drew a picture of the main character Gunnar – as it is relevant to the story. but he does not look right. For his age (50/60 years) he looks too young. I may have to do more sketches of Gunnar until I get an image I think is relevant to my character. I want to make him look strong and vicious, with a hint of age – a weakness to the powerful Gunnar Baardsen


I decided to test the shade of colour I could make Elmer’s hair in Chapter Three – this is before he dyed his hair blonde in Chapter Seven. When the event of Lindisfarne happened, I described Elmer’s hair as being a “Rich brown” So in photoshop I decided to replicate the shade I described. It did take awhile as I was trying to pick the right colour for my character as I want it to be how I imagined it, but I finally found the right shades.

However, when I finished colouring the strands with the dark brown, I thought it would be a good idea to put a softer brown over that base. But what it did was look as if an unknown light source is reflecting off his hair. To correct the mistake, I will go over it with the dark brown that I originally painted the strands in. I may lower the opacity of the lighter brown, maybe that will make it look less harsh.

Elmer hair.PNG


What I decided to do today was make work on Elmer’s belt, maybe adding detail depending if I finished within the time limit I set myself. So, I managed to excel my task (though it wasn’t hard) and made work of adding colour to his belt. However, the colour I selected was too bright

Elmer's belt problems

The contrast of the brown to the vivid orange was too striking and definitely not what I envisioned when I decided to select this colour. Adam, another student in my class, suggested that I do to a more bronze/brown colour to make it fit perfectly with the brown; so I did that exactly. Honestly, the results are excellent, though I have not added shading and additional detail (making the buttons shine and look metallic)

New button chap three

Making it darker definitely made it look more aesthetically pleasing.

I decided to move on and made work of Elmer in Chapter Seven where he is tied to a wooden pole and sentenced to burning. And if you can see the eyebrow and eye are completely out of place – both too large for his thin face. I decided to make a few changes. Originally I was not going to change his eye, deeming it perfect for my character, but then I realised if you are aged your eyes intend to droop downwards, while Elmer’s eye looks very youthful, unlike his age of 60-70

Elmer's eyebrow

Eye problem

Here is the developed change, though the problem still occurs that his eyes still look youthful, less now that I have added the soft detail of his wrinkles. I used a soft, low opacity paintbrush to achieve the wrinkles, wrinkles never being too defined but a small detail of excess skin. Yet, the eye makes him look much younger than he would be during this time. What I also decided to do was change his eyebrow, being far too off than an eyebrow should. This was a very simple process, also, but very effective. First I did a quick sketch of the shape of the eyebrow with a pen-pressured black paintbrush, drawing until I found a shape I am happy with. Then I put a layer beneath and began painting it brown – the original hair colour of Elmer.

Elmer new eye

Here is the updated eye and I am definitely happy that I decided to


Elmer problem.PNG




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Unit 13 – Diary 24/04/2017

S – Do line art for the illustrations you want to include in the final book

M – Do at least eight, lining each illustrations for when I come to add: shading, colour and additional detail

A – As I have done line art for previous projects in which I had to outline an illustration so I get a brief understanding of where to place shading/colour, I know exactly what to do. I may even add additional detail that I feel like should be added to the picture

R – As it is eight illustrations, the time limit may be vast, but as I am very efficient with a graphics tablet I way get this task done quickly

T – 13:30pm – 15:00pm

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Unit 13 – Blurb

Elmer, a priest on The Holy Island, Lindisfarne gets kidnapped by the newly notrorious Viking, Gunnar Baardsen. He faced the hardship of being a slave, being prisoner to Gunnar’s vicious words and tasks, to Elmer being an established warrior, getting praise from history’s most famous Viking: Ragnar Lodbrok. Follow his journey through pain, loss, heartbreak, friendship and love and experience what being a slave was like during the Viking age, along with their way of life.