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Unit 13 – Diary 4/04/2017

S – Draw the first illustration for chapter two

M – Only draw one illustration, showing what is happening in the scene

A – This is the first illustration I have done for my book or for any book, so it was quite difficult trying to get a placement

R – As this is the final version of my illustration, I will make sure to get it perfect so it will require a lot of time

T – 20:50pm – 22:30pm

I did go over this time limit as 20 minutes of it was me trying to think of ways in which I could approach this. I settled for Gunnar pointing at the trail that leads from Copenhagen to Paris, as desribed in the book. To me, as a perfectionist, it looks good and does get across what it is meant too. However, if I had a graphics tablet or photoshop it would of made the whole process easier as I could make small thumbnails, then when I come to make the final thing I would know what to do. But other than that, it is still a decent drawing.

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