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Unit 13 – Diary 5/04/2017

S – Analyse the research from the Manchester Library and how the books there helped with my project

M – Analyse at least two books I found at the Manchester Library

A – I have done this before for unit 12, looking at a range of different books and flipping through to get information I needed

R – As it is an analysis, I can easily do this. It will not take that much time

T – 00:40am – 02:10

S – Begin writing chapter three of my book

M – Like other chapters, this will be around 1200 words long, maybe longer as I am going into depth about Viking culture

A – As I have been writing chapters for my book, I already gets the basis of what to do

R – It will take me awhile to writer this chapter, learning from mistakes I have made in the past of where I made the time limit too small

T – 13:40pm – 15:30pm

I didn’t complete this task as I was too preoccupied with chores my mum wanted me to do, but when I am done I will continue with this task, writing up chapter three of my book.

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