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Unit 13 – Primary Research – Vikings comics #1 and #2

The comics by Staz Johnson based on the series Vikings by Cavan Scott that are based on the show Vikings have definitely helped in a lot of ways, the biggest one is the paint style.

What I adore about this comic is the way it is simplistic, but with the right colours and shading, it brings the illustration to life, showing the story it wants you to see. One of my favourite use of this simplistic style of colouring is on Vikings #1, with the character Floki. If you look closely at his forehead (Fig 1) you can see the simple way in which they have shaded, adding a simple grey line, but it works with the picture. For my own illustrations, I want to use this style also; simple but effective.

The layout of the comic has helped me with how I could set out my illustrations. Like I talked about on my ‘Manchester Library Primary Research’ where I talked about using different sized illustrations to make it more engaging, this is what the Viking comics do also. They highlight key events by making them bigger (Fig 2) while the least important illustrations that do not show a key event as smaller (Fig 3)

As additional information, the comics include a small segment at the back, either being information about the characters or an interview by the makers of the TV show Vikings. On #1 the segment they decide to add in information about the infamous Viking Ragnar Lodbrok. Though it has minimal information, it still manages to tackle everything about the Viking. There was information on the segment that I didn’t know about Ragnar Lodbrok: how he boiled his hirsute armor in pitch to protect himself against ‘ring salmon-of-the-heath’ – a dragon in our language.

Fig.1 Floki talking to Rollo, close up of the detail on his forehead
Fig.2 The boats crashing through the waves, showing an important event
Fig.3 Sif looking at the prisoner of Aslaug, not really important to the story


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