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Unit 13 – Diary 8/04/2017

S – Begin writing chapter five of my story

M – Write around 1500/2000 words – standard chapter size for my book

A – As I have wrote chapters for this book already, I already have a sense of what to do

R – The time limit will be long, as long as the other targets the required me to write chapters

T – 14:00pm – 17:00pm

I managed to write half of the chapter within this time limit, but I think why I only wrote half a chapter was because I was also doing other tasks. What I need to learn is to cut down my targets and make sure I have enough time to complete the task I give myself, other wise the targets is useless.

Other than that, I managed to talk about the starts of the feast, which is in celebration of a wedding. And it is also the chapter in which I included fantasy beings (light elves, dark elves and dwarves) but I will be adding more fantasy aspects in the chapter when I write the second half

S – Write the second half of the chapter, going into more detail about the feasts, the fantasy beings and then following the synopsis in which Elmer gets attacked and they meet Ragnar

M – As I have wrote 500 words, I will be writing 1000 or more, depending how much detail I go into

A – As I have wrote chapters for this book already, I already have a sense of what to do

R – As I am not going to do other tasks, this task will be shorter than a chapter target

T – 19:00pm – 21:30pm

The time limit was much longer than I anticpated to finish this task. I in fact finished it forty minutes into the time I set myself, which made me realise when I do not have any distractions around, I complete tasks with ease. It is something I shall remember for my next target.

S – Analyse the Vikings comics #1 and #2, talking anout how it will help me with my project

M – As I am looking at two comics, I will probably be writing around 700 words for my analysis

A – I have already looked through these comics and know which parts helped with my project. I have also done analysising of different things for this project, so this will be an easy task

R – As I already know what to write about, this task will not take too long, but I will make the time limit longer than it needs to be in case I want to add anymore additional information

T – 19:50pm – 20:30pm

Like the previous task, I completed the set target before the time limit was finished. I had 20 minutes to spare, having no extra information to talk about the comics. The information I picked from these sources were definitely useful, talking about Staz Johnson’s simplistic painting style, but with the right shading brings the illustration to life.

I also talked about the layout of comic, mentioning how the larger illustrations documented a more important event, while the smaller illustrations were just additional, making the story run more smoothly.

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