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Unit 13 – Diary 11/04/2017

S – Draw environments for your book so you can get a feel of the scene of the book

M – Draw at least four environments of the key scenes in the book

A – I have done environment drawings before, but this will be the first time I am doing them for a book

R – They’ll be quite quick sketches, so the time limit will not be that long

T – 11:20 – 12:20

Within this time I did two sketches: Køge and Copenhagen. They both look very similar, but Viking houses did typically look the same back in the 9th century. But I did come across a problem while doing this. When I was drawing the buildings, it kept looking off centered and not right, taking away from what I was trying to show. So, a tip I remembered from last year, I drew a guide, drawing the buildings on this line so I could get the right perpective.

S – Begin creating the character facial structure, showing the viewer what they look like in the book

M – I will do Gunnar first, showing three variations of him. When he was a teenager (Northumbria), when he kidnapped Elmer and then when he go to Paris.

A – I have done character creation before, deeming myself quite good at it

R – As I am doing three face variations it will take some time, depending if I sketch or not

T – 16:18pm – 17:50

When I completed this task I decided it was not worthy and does not fit in with what I am doing.

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