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Unit 13 – Diary 16/04/2017

S – Draw illustrations for the book, showing what is happening in the story

M – Draw at least two illustrations, one for five and four. These will be quick sketches as I intend to spend too much time drawing, wasting time for which I could be doing other tasks

A – As I have done illustrations for my book before, this will be simple and be easily completed

R – As it is two illustrations, it may be much longer than it would be if it was only one. I will make the time limit longer, but not by much as they will be quick sketches

T – 21:21pm – 22:50pm

Within the twenty minutes into thos task, I drew one illustrations and decided that would be it for the night. This illustration was from chapter fiver where Gunnar is celebrating the marriage of his son. He is raising a horn, a typical use for mead during the Viking era. What I did not do was decide what would be in the background, making it look plain and not as engaging. When I come to actually photoshopping this piece of work I will make a nice background for it, showing the scenery of the wedding

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