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Unit 13 – The practical/technical problems with my brief

My brief is to create a full narrative with illustrations. It is going to be based during the Anglo-Saxon/Viking era and will include historically accurate facts: Historical figures, lifestyle, mythology and mythical creatures. I want to show people how the Vikings were and not how media depicts them.

Before you start any project you need to identify the problems you may come across. Even though you might not think your brief has any problems, there will surely be something that could be a problem when progressing through the project. At first, when I was thinking about my brief, I realise there were many problems that could be very drastic in my FMP.

For my FMP I decided to follow route as I did last year; make my own brief. In some ways making your own brief is good, meaning you are able to take the route you want without following a set of rules made by someone else. Not only does that show your independence but also your creativity, which is very key for the course. However, the problem with that is I could easily become astray when doing certain tasks and could get confused when progressing. To overcome this problem I will make a gannt chart to keep track of my progress along with making regular diary entries so I know what I have completed and what still needs to be done.

The biggest problem I have with my brief is the creation of my book. I mentioned this specific problem in my idea generation in which I talked about my lack of knowledge of book creation. I know how to make a simple book on word, but is that really aesthetically pleasing? The book will not look like a book on the market, however, I still want to make it look beautiful and show that I put the effort in. Beth mentioned about Katie (Animation teacher) having done a course which she had to make a book, so I wilk ask her for more information. But if I can not get the information off Katie, the next best thing is the internet. The internet contains millions of tutorials, some which will be for book-making. Or I could go the technical route and make an e-book, but that is not really my style. This is probably the only big problem to do with my brief, though the other problems are very minor and do not alter that much of the project.

Another problem I am faced with is getting the information for my project. In Manchester we do not have many artefacts to do with Vikings, meaning I will have to go somewhere else for my information. The closest place which is to do with Vikings and their culture is the Jorvik Centre in Yorkshire. Though Yorkshire is not far, I may not have the funds to get a train down there and buy a ticket. However, if I ask my mum about taking me then maybe I will be able to get the information I need. The Jorvik Centre would probably be the best primary research – if not research – for my project.


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