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Unit 13 – 27/04/2017

S – Finish chapter seven of the book The Fall Of Jarl Baardsen

M – As I have already wrote most of it, I will only need to write around 700 more words as this is the final chapter and the most lengthy

A – Like when I am writing the other chapters, I have an idea of how to write it out with the help of my synopsis

R – The time limit for this, as it is only 700 words, will not be as long as if it was 1000 words so I have an idea of what time I should give myself. But I need to take into account that I am ill, meaning I will have to take breaks in between.

T – 11:50am – 13:10pm

I managed to write three paragraphs, which equals to around 500 words, nearly hitting my target of 700 words. Why I didn’t complete this target was for what I said before: I am ill so it is quite hard for me to concentrate. But what these paragraphs talk about are key parts to the book, in which I talked about in my synopsis of where Elmer is about to get took to Wessex to burn on the stake. Why it is so long was for a build up, making the reader feel more connected to Elmer as he is about to face death. Before this scene he was grieving his dead friend, Gunnar, making this scene more hard hitting.

What problems which have occured in this task was grammar. After I finish my story, me and my friend, Lauren, are going to read through my book, correcting an mistakes I have made.

S – Continue with chapter seven of my book and hopefully finish it

M – As I have wrote 500 words for my chapter and I said I could do 700 words, I might make the measurable longer as this chapter seems to be much more vast than the others. For this target I will write around 500 more words

A – Like my other target, I have wrote chapters so I have an idea of what to write with the help of the synopsis I wrote.

R – I want to spend time perfecting this chapter so I will spend quite a large majority of time doing so.

T – 14:50pm – 17:10pm

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