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Unit 13 – Diary 30/05/2017

S – Start sketching the character pictures that will be included on a new page. This page will include a character biography/backstory

M – I will do around nine character sketches and frame them to make them look like the character was sat for a portrait

A – Character sketches have been a big influence on each of my projects, always containing some sort of illustration of a character that may be in my game – or in this case – book

R – This is definitely not as important as my other illustrations, but it is a nice touch so the audience can discover what the other character’s may look like, even if they are not included in the real illustrations. As they are only quick sketches, I doubt they will take me as long as if I spent time, trying to perfect each line and hair.

T – 19:30pm – 20:20

Within this time I drew three sketches, far away from the target of nine I originally wanted. But I made a mistake when doing this task. I drew a sketch portrait of Elmer, one of the protagonist of my book, however, Elmer already has an illustration of himself – a main illuatration at that. If I was really going to go forwatd with making sketches of the characters and writing a small biography, I have already wasted time as I decided to draw Elmer once again. But it isn’t all that bad. In my illustration of Elmer in Chapter Seven he has his eye covered, making him look more super-model than Viking. The new sketch shows his new manly imagine, really showing his transition from priesthood to Vikinghood

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Unit 13 – Reflection – Failing to Meet a Project Milestone #1

Throughout any project you always come across problems that you cannot stop. Many problems that have occurred in my project have been easily fixable, but some not so simple. The biggest problem that occurred in my project, as was the most important, was not having access to the Jorvik Viking Centre in York. If I managed to go to this museum, I would have primary research that has to do with the Vikings (Chainmail Helmet, Viking axe…etc) instead of going to the Manchester Museum and trying to piece together artefacts that have little to no relevance to our Viking ancestors.

What the Jorvik Viking Centre also has is a re-enactment which would give me a clearer idea of how the Vikings may have lived, instead of searching on the internet for the information. Not only would it of been the best research for my project, it would also help me with how I could have drawn my illustrations and the plot of my book.

The reason why I could not attend the Jorvik Centre was for several reasons: they were closed for renovations until the 8th of April, by which a mass amount of my research would be complete, me moving onto my illustrations; I did not have the funds to travel down to York, the train far too expensive for a day out. The next best step was to search the Jorvik Centre website instead, nothing compared to the experience I would have had if I was actually at the centre.

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Unit 13 – 28/05/2017

S – Begin doing a reflection on the meeting or failing to meet a project milestone and the reason why.

M -Reflections intend to be quite lengthy, so I will write around 700 words on this reflection

A – I have not done many reflections for this project, mostly small little reflections of targets that I have achieved, or not achieved. Lengthy reflections should be very common throughout the project to show how something have developed, or changed.

R – This reflection will be very important for my project as I can talk about why I failed to meet a certain point of my project and why this happened. I may do several reflections on this specific topic. As I am writing on my phone, writing this reflection may take longer than anticipated.

T – 03:30am – 04:30am

This task was achieved within 20 minutes giving me time to review what I have wrote. The Jorvik Viking Centre was going to be the key research for my project, giving my primary view to how the Vikings lived during their reign. However I could not visit this wonderous museum, the reason why explained in the post. Writing this reflection made me realise that sometimes you expect to accomplish something for your project, but some things can get in your way, resulting in a change of action. It makes you understand that you have to sacrifice key parts of your project to move forward.

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Unit 13 – 27/05/2017

S – Do quick sketches of additional thumbnails that add more story to my book (Gunnar getting married to Eerika, Eerika looking at town, Elmer looking at chalice…etc)

M – These will onky be quick, so I think I will be able to get at least six sketches done

A – Sketching as definitely been one of the most used techniques in my projects. It gives me a chance to get my ideas done on paper

R – Though this is not important for my project, seeing a bit more story to the book can engage your audience to want to know more, meaning the book will sell more, if it is put on the market.

T – 02:00am – 02:30am

This task was very successful, the sketches getting across small events that happened in the lore of the book. However, on one of the sketches the perspective was completely off, me having to remove the sketch and re-draw it. I think what I might do, to follow up on this target, is add more detail to these sketches and think about – when I actually finish my real illustrations – do quick line-art or block-colouring, just to add more character to my work.

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Unit 13 – 24/05/2017

S – Begin to block colouring the illustration in which Gunnar is holding up a horn Chapter Five

M – As I have only done one illustration, I do not need to make another one, though I could to test colours

A – As I have done block colour for my illustrations, this was definitely simple and the most easiest process in my whole project

R – Block colour is definitely an important process for

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Unit 13 – Diary 22/05/2017

S – Begin doing a reflection target on the Artistic Skills Demonstrated or Developed

M – As I intend to write too much, I will probably write around 700 words, talking about the skills I have used and how they have developed throughout time

A – Reflections are very common practices in a project, making sure I know what I have done and how I can improve for next time when I use the skill during the project, or for a next project

R – Reflections are probably the most key in any project as not only it helps you see how you did a certain practice, but helps you keep on track of your work. As I am quite the efficient writer, this task will not take me that long to achieve.

T – 13:40pm – 14:20pm

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Unit 13 – Idea Development Reflection

Throughout doing this project, many things have changed from the original idea I initially envisioned. It is very common to change things about your project – I actually encourage that you change certain aspects of your project to fit in, be it for a technical problem, or for an artistic difference. You normally never keep the same project you envisioned at the start, always finding ways in which you can improve and make your idea that was mundane, to something that holds much more power.

The biggest change from my original idea was the big leap from the book being strictly from the Jarl’s POV and instead from a captured slave, being someone looking into his life. Beth was the one who originally gave me this idea, of making it from someones else’s perspective and I thought of the TV show Vikings and how they had the priest Athelstan, kidnapped from the island of Lindisfarne. Athelstan was also a slave to Ragnar Lodbrok (in the show, only) and then they became great friends – Athelstan soon losing his slave title to be a freeman. That is exactly how I want my friendship between my priest and my main character; both from completely different worlds: Gunnar’s father’s false imprisonment and Elmer’s priesthood. It will be largely influenced by propaganda – as most documents during thew Anglo-Saxon era and Old Norse era was – wanting to shine bad light on the English, making them seem like the bad guy in this tale.

The next change was something minor, just changing the last name of my character because I didn’t want Gunnar to have a last name that sounded so similar to his first name, though that was the cause in Viking culture, saying Gunvaldsson would mean the son of Gunnar, but I wanted the name to roll off the tongue. So, that’s how I came across Baardsen, which then led me to add a minor character Bard, meaning the last name Baardsen makes Gunnar the son of Bard – step-son of Bard. Baardsen was actually the name I was going to originally use when I thought about the project a month before we were assigned this; The Fall Of Jarl Baardsen has been in development a long time.

Now the last one is quite a big one – even a theoretical and practical problem. I didn’t know which medium to use to present my book:e-book or printed book. I decided to do some research, asking people on my Facebook and also searching for polls that asked this question. Majority answered  printed book, so it led me to change the original idea to make an e-book – a much simpler process – to printed books, which I have very limited knowledge of. I am someone who caters to my audience, listening to everything they say and make changes within my project for their enjoyment; the audience is the most important communication for any project.