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Unit 13 – 1/04/2017

S – Write the post about how I was testing with different forms of my hand for my illustration sketches

M – Post several pictures and write around 100 words per picture, explaining why I held my hand in that way/grabbed that item

A – This is the first time I have done primary testing, unless you count how I stained tea and coffee on paper to make it look aged.

R – As I already know what to write, this task will be very simple to acomplish

T – 16:20pm – 17:50pm

S – Talk about the problems with my brief along with the practical problems I will face

M – I will write around 500 explaining the problems of the brief

A – I have already done this for my last year FMP, so I know what to do and how to analyse the problems of my brief

R – The time limit will not be that long as I thought about thought about this when my project started but I forgot to write it down

T – 21:00pm – 22:30pm

T –

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