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Unit 13 – Testing

As I didn’t want to get most of my reference images online – I wanted them to be primary research – I needed to test out the different forms of my hand; how it hold objects, how it may point/grab an object. It is better to get the real-life visual than the visual online.

The first test was for Gunnar pointing/grabbing at something near a map of Europe. So I took pictures to show what I was doing:


I pointed at a piece of paper, showing what Gunnar was doing when he was pointing at the map, showing their journey from Denmark to Paris in the book. I carried on with the action and began drawing several sketches of my hand in this pose, but I needed more variation to really know what I want to add for the main illuatration.

So, I took more pictures, moving the form of my hand to make sure I get the best set of sketches to choose from:


Compared to the other image, this doesn’t look right and completely out of place; what is he grabbing? Is it relevant to the story? Could I make it relevant, somehow? If I were to make this relevant, I would have to change my story. Not only will that take too much time, but it is completely pointless. It looks out of place if I make Gunnar look as if he is grabbing at a piece of paper, but pointing looks natural, as if he is following a trail.

So I decided upon pointing, yes, having one variation of pointing could work, but if I had several forms of pointing (Direction and angle) then I can have a clearer view of what I want my illustration for chapter two to be.





Out of all these different variations I prefer the first picture in which I am pointing. It looks natural and not as strained, the others look as if I am trying too hard to find a different way to point my finger. But it is still a good thing to get a different angle of an object as it could look much better when it is tilted more to the left.

A problem with drawing my own finger is they are quite slim and feminine and Gunnar is a man. I am somehow going to have to make the finger a bit bigger and wider without making it look weird and out of proportion. I will practice trying to draw my finger larger and wider for when it comes to doing the final illustration sketch.

Then came the drawing for chapter five, Gunnar holding up a horn in celebration of his son, Asbjorn, getting married. Horns are typically cylinder, larger at the top then becoming thinner at the bottom. I needed to see what a hand would look like holding a cylinder object, to which I went on a search around my room for objects that hold a similar shape to the horn.


A large McDonalds coke cup seemed very fitting and has a similar form to a Viking horn: larger at the top and then thinner at the bottom. It seemed to fit well in my hand, but as I stated before, as I have small, slim fingers it doesn’t really have the affect I am looking for. Then thinking about it, my hand nearly reached around the cup, so if a man – a Viking netherless – his hand woukd reach further around than my own. I will continue testing.


Next test was a deodorant can. It is similar to the coke cup, that being curved, but the size is not what I am looking for. It seems too small compared to a Viking drinking horn as the Vikings were lovers of their mead. Unlike the coke cup, it does not become thinner at the bottom, which most traditional drinking horns have. And as I stated previously due to the size of my hands it can he quite difficult to get a placement of how it may look if a man was holding it.

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