Posted in Unit 13 (Final Major Project)

Unit 13 – 03/05/2017

S – I am going to check over chapter seven of my book, making sure it is up to date and maybe change the ending to something more suitable

M – I will most likely only be adding 300 words to the end of chapter seven, making it make sense and not as confusing as how I left it

A – As I have completed chapter seven I know how I could make the ending that more suitable and have an easier flow than how I left it (Elmer re-imagining his life with Gunnar, Ragnar and their families)

R – As it is 300 words, and learning from the past when I am writing, it may take me awhile to achieve something I am happy with. Chapter Seven is very important to the book, so I want to make sure it is right

T – 15:00pm – 16:20pm

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