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Unit 13 – The Ballad Of Gunnar Baardsen

Within the town of Koge,
Lived a man
Who was a leader of the village,
Reigning across the land

Who this man be?
Gunnar Baardsen, of course,
He was the Viking who raided the island of Lindisfarne

Oh did they fear him,
Oh did they flee,
How they tried to outrun the Viking

Oh did they fear him,
Oh did they flee,
Everyone feared Gunnar and his army of Vikings

But he met a girl,
Oh was she fair,
Skin as white as snow,
And cheeks a ruby red.

He fell for her
Hard and fast,
Wanting nothing more than her delicate hand

But before he gets the blessing,
He must ask
the late leader of the town Køge in Denmark

Her father accepted Gunnar’s request
Handing his daughter over to the new Jarl of Køge

Though the Baardsen family were happy with the result,
The village seethed with anger
Hoping the marriage will be a bust

But over-time they grew to love,
Wishing Gunnar and Eerika a blessing
From Frigga and Odin above

When Spring hit
A new babe was born,
Skin as fair as Eerika’s own
Eyes were vibrant,
So full of life
But Gunnar could see the fighter
Deep inside.

His new son needed a name,
A powerful one at that,
But nothing to rival Gunnar;
The leader of fight.

But what was strong and shown his son’s future?
Asbjorn: the leader of arrows.

Asbjorn was not the only one,
A new baby soon being born
Just like Asbjorn,
He is full of life
This time his eyes are a darkened might

The fighter brewed much deeper in this twin,
Gunnar could tell,
But what name should he give the newborn
Oh Odin please help

A powerful name,
Like his brother
He shall be called
Hakon: Leader of Havoc

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