Posted in Unit 13 (Final Major Project)

Unit 13 – Celtic Knot Test

For my book cover and borders of my illustrations, they all have Celtic knots running throughout its interior. However, it required me to use Illustrator, a software I am still very foreign to this piece of software, meaning I am going to have to find some sort of tutorial to help with this big part of my work.

This tutorial was probably the most helpful out of all the videos I have watched, being quick and straight to the point while the others intend to draw out and speak for much longer than needed. However, what did bother me about this video is the long pauses in between doing the work, not needed but it did not affect how the work would look. Overall, I enjoyed the ending result of my own Celtic Knot, though it doesn’t look as good and the creator’s own (I am still fairly new to Illustrator) but it is a great start


Celtic knot test

Here is my own creation of the creator’s own Celtic Knot and as we can see it holds very distinctive shapes to that of the historical pattern, but it seems too thin. However, need to take into account that this is my first attempt at a semi-complex pattern that required me to use tools that I am not comfortable with. That is why I chose to include illustrator into my projects – to push me outside my comfort zone and try out something I am completely foreign to. The different tools required to make it seem as if the rings were overlapping was something that is not on photoshop, a piece of software I know like the back of my hand – though there are still some things that I still need to learn.

When I come to do this again I will make the rings much thicker, fitting in with the traditional way Celtic Knot’s look. I want to make them look as aesthetically pleasing as possible to fit in with the illustrations I am creating, so I will need to continue to practice making this Celtic Knot for when it comes for the border of my illustrations and front-cover


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