Posted in Unit 13 (Final Major Project)

Unit 13 – Diary 09/05/2017

S – Finish reflecting on the Celtic Knot Test, which will be used for the border of my illustrations and the front cover of my book.

M – Write 300 more words describing how this tutorial helped you, why you chose that specific tutorial, reason why you need the specific technique, how you would develop it to make it more your own style.

A – As I have already done tests for this project and for my previous FMP, I know exactly what to write, planning before I even began writing the document

R – It is only reflective practice, so it will not take me too long to write this piece of writing

T – 14:00pm – 14:35pm

I finished this task before the time limit, leaving myself 10 minutes to look over what I have written. What I talked about in my reflection was the things that went good and the things that I need to change. It was a good idea to do a reflection of the test so I know what I can improve for next time when I use the technique again.

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