Posted in Unit 13 (Final Major Project)

Unit 13 – Diary 11/05/2017

S – Begin writing a report on the research I have gathered and how it has helped me go forward within in my project and how it may change my perspective on my project. I also want to mention the research that had the biggest impact on my project

M – For a standard report, I say it is around 1000 words to 1500 and as I am a quick typer that will not be a problem. But it is good that I actually put a word count for a writing report as I intend to go over board; I like to summarise my research a bit too much

A – For unit 12 we had to summarise our research, so this will be a very simple task for me.

R – I know that my research can be quite hard to comprehend, as I do plentiful of research, so it can be hard to keep track of everything. Writing a document that shows all my research and how it has helped me is definitely a good thing to do, especially with how chaotic my research can be sometimes. Like I stated in measurable, I will make sure to finish the task within a short amount of time as other things need my attention, but I cannot make any promises

T – 10:20am – 13:30pm

I did not complete this task within the time limit as I was fairly distracted today, but I managed to write 400 words talking about how important research is, the research I conducted and the Jorvik center and how that was the most important, but lacked the most important pieces of information. However, what I realised – like I always do – I have written too much and need to learn to cut down. Me being a writing enthusiast, I love to write and intend to forget about making a point.

S – Continue with the research summary

M – Write 1000 more words, summarising all the research I have gathered for this unit

A – As  I have already started to do the summarising, I know exactly what to write as I planned what to do for each section

R – Time will be the same as previous, though a bit longer might be wise as I am not really up to scratch today.

T – 13:30pm – 18:30pm (With breaks in-between)

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