Posted in Unit 13 (Final Major Project)

Unit 13 – Diary 15/05/2017

S – Begin planning out where the illustrations will be placed in the book by placing the narrative in a word document, making it much more easier and accurate than drawing the layout in my sketchbook

M – Need to place the seven illustrations in the correct slot, trying to follow the planning document I did in my sketchbook, but if I cannot I will document the problems I faced while doing so

A – This is the first time I will be trying to plan where each of my illustrations will go, but it is not a difficult task that will require me to research the mechanics of how to do this. I will just simply read my book and place a blank square of where an illustration (which I have drawn already) will be

R – This is required because I need to know how many pages it will be at the end and along with what changes will need to be made. As this task is simply reading and placing a blank square, I will not need that much time do I will make sure I complete it quickly

T – 09:40am – 10:30am

I have completed the layout of the book, knowing where the illustrations will be placed. It has become much easier for when I do the next step in which I will be doing quick sketches of the illustrations in their assigned spot. However, many changes have occurred from what I originally thought, having to make estimates when I was doing my book layout as the story was not completed. Turns out there were less pages than the 37+ – including the preface, facts about the Vikings, character profiles and the thanks to. It is good that I actually decided to do a proper book layout because of ended up crucial and causing problems later on down the line.


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