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Unit 13 – Diary 17/05/2017

S – Continue to digitally paint Elmer’s clothing in Chapter Two, testing around with the different shades that could be included

M – Do one belt in the colour I choose, though maybe I will do two iterations and ask my peers which one they preferred on my character

A – I am not new to digital painting as i have been doing it for two years, so this will be simple but what I am only doing at this current time is making sure I select the best colours before I begin shading, making them look more realistic

R – Why doing two different iterations of this piece of clothing is important is because I then can ask people of their opinion, choosing the most favoured and aesthetically pleasing colour choice; the audience opinion is definitely important. For this task, as it is only a small belt, it will not take me too long to achieve, depending if I also want to begin painting the buttons that are also on the belt.

T – 14:40pm – 15:10pm

I went past the time as I was preoccupied with something in my real-life, but I did finish painting the belt, unfortunately not doing two iterations. However, the first shade of brown was definitely a good pick – a very standard colour for a belt and matches with the dark, muggy colours I wanted to use for my illustrations. A problem I did come across when I finished painting the belt and began adding detail to the buttons of the belt was too orange and not the bronze I was looking for.

S – Begin adding eyebrows and colour Elmer’s eyes in the Chapter Seven illustration

M – Paint both the eyebrow and eye, maybe do two versions and I have not decided the shape of his eyebrow as when I was sketching I made a mistake, so that may take awhile to perfect

A – I am not new to digitally painting eyebrows or eyes as the majority of the projects I have done for previous units have required me to do these specific techniques, so I will not have a problem.

R – I do not have any fears of how this process will go as I have done it a lot of times, so I think it will be a success and bring the character Elmer together in Chapter Seven. As it is a simple task I doubt it will take me too long to accomplish.

T – 15:35pm – 16:05pm

I managed to complete this task within 10 minutes – quicker than originally thought. I am very proud of the eyebrow and eyes, though only simple still pieces together the picture and adds character to Elmer. However, what I do have a small problem about is the size of Elmer’s eyebrow. I think it is too thin compared to his face, yet I did mention Elmer having ‘feminine’ features in my character profile, so I can let it slide.

S – Begin adding wrinkles to Elmer’s face to show his age as right now he looks too young and not a 70 year old man

M – I have not decided how aged I want to make Elmer, so when I begin painting the wrinkles I will make my decision

A – As I have added wrinkles to my character in Unit 9, I know how to make wrinkles and learned from my mistake (making them too thick and defined)


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