Posted in Unit 13 (Final Major Project)

Unit 13 – 18/05/2017

S – Begin adding detail to the boat illustration Chapter Six

M – I am doing the water, which is something that cannot be measurable, but I am only doing one variation as water can take a long time to perfect

A – I have only made water once and that was during a workshop, but I want to change up that technique a bit and make it more personal. The tests I have done are results of me playing around with how I could approach this picture in particular

R – The water is important to the picture as I have to show the storm, rocking the boat with vigor and showing the events of the book much more clearly. As I do not have much experience with water, this task could take awhile as I am a perfectionist and can only create work if I like it

T – 10:32am – 11:40am

I managed to colour in the water with the main colour, however, I didn’t get time to add the additional detail to make it look realistic and ‘water-like’. That is not my fault as my tutors were talking to us about the present changes of the course and the extended deadline. What I enjoy most about this was the detail I did managed to add, making it look as if the hills are reflecting on the water. But what lets this picture down is how blocked the colours look. Having a digital painting with no shading looks bland – too basic for it to get across what you are trying too.

S – Begin to add pathetic fallacy to the sky, showing the dark events that will be present in Chapter Six (Boat)

M – I will only need to do one version as I have already tested how I could do the sky, along with the sea. I have a pack of custom brushes that will make this task a much simpler one instead of my having to switch between the hard brush and soft brush

A – I have already tested how to do this, as I stated in measurable, so I do not need to worry. With the feedback I got from the digital painting of the stormy sky, I now know what to change

R – The sky will definitely piece together the picture, even if it is currently blocked colours. This task will not take me too long, so the time limit will not have to be as lengthy as it was for the sea

T – 11:51am – 12:50am

I completed this task within the time limit, even having time to add some finishing touches to part of the sea; it looks realistic now. The sky I am very proud of, setting the mood for what is happening on the boat so the audience can understand what it may of looked like and have a better visual. What I need to do – and just remembered while writing this reflection – is the lightening as I wanted to show Thor almost commemorating the death of Gunnar later on in the chapter. I will do that another time.

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