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Unit 13 – 27/05/2017

S – Do quick sketches of additional thumbnails that add more story to my book (Gunnar getting married to Eerika, Eerika looking at town, Elmer looking at chalice…etc)

M – These will onky be quick, so I think I will be able to get at least six sketches done

A – Sketching as definitely been one of the most used techniques in my projects. It gives me a chance to get my ideas done on paper

R – Though this is not important for my project, seeing a bit more story to the book can engage your audience to want to know more, meaning the book will sell more, if it is put on the market.

T – 02:00am – 02:30am

This task was very successful, the sketches getting across small events that happened in the lore of the book. However, on one of the sketches the perspective was completely off, me having to remove the sketch and re-draw it. I think what I might do, to follow up on this target, is add more detail to these sketches and think about – when I actually finish my real illustrations – do quick line-art or block-colouring, just to add more character to my work.

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