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Unit 13 – 28/05/2017

S – Begin doing a reflection on the meeting or failing to meet a project milestone and the reason why.

M -Reflections intend to be quite lengthy, so I will write around 700 words on this reflection

A – I have not done many reflections for this project, mostly small little reflections of targets that I have achieved, or not achieved. Lengthy reflections should be very common throughout the project to show how something have developed, or changed.

R – This reflection will be very important for my project as I can talk about why I failed to meet a certain point of my project and why this happened. I may do several reflections on this specific topic. As I am writing on my phone, writing this reflection may take longer than anticipated.

T – 03:30am – 04:30am

This task was achieved within 20 minutes giving me time to review what I have wrote. The Jorvik Viking Centre was going to be the key research for my project, giving my primary view to how the Vikings lived during their reign. However I could not visit this wonderous museum, the reason why explained in the post. Writing this reflection made me realise that sometimes you expect to accomplish something for your project, but some things can get in your way, resulting in a change of action. It makes you understand that you have to sacrifice key parts of your project to move forward.

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