Posted in Unit 13 (Final Major Project)

Unit 13 – Reflection – Failing to Meet a Project Milestone #1

Throughout any project you always come across problems that you cannot stop. Many problems that have occurred in my project have been easily fixable, but some not so simple. The biggest problem that occurred in my project, as was the most important, was not having access to the Jorvik Viking Centre in York. If I managed to go to this museum, I would have primary research that has to do with the Vikings (Chainmail Helmet, Viking axe…etc) instead of going to the Manchester Museum and trying to piece together artefacts that have little to no relevance to our Viking ancestors.

What the Jorvik Viking Centre also has is a re-enactment which would give me a clearer idea of how the Vikings may have lived, instead of searching on the internet for the information. Not only would it of been the best research for my project, it would also help me with how I could have drawn my illustrations and the plot of my book.

The reason why I could not attend the Jorvik Centre was for several reasons: they were closed for renovations until the 8th of April, by which a mass amount of my research would be complete, me moving onto my illustrations; I did not have the funds to travel down to York, the train far too expensive for a day out. The next best step was to search the Jorvik Centre website instead, nothing compared to the experience I would have had if I was actually at the centre.

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