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Unit 13 – Diary 30/05/2017

S – Start sketching the character pictures that will be included on a new page. This page will include a character biography/backstory

M – I will do around nine character sketches and frame them to make them look like the character was sat for a portrait

A – Character sketches have been a big influence on each of my projects, always containing some sort of illustration of a character that may be in my game – or in this case – book

R – This is definitely not as important as my other illustrations, but it is a nice touch so the audience can discover what the other character’s may look like, even if they are not included in the real illustrations. As they are only quick sketches, I doubt they will take me as long as if I spent time, trying to perfect each line and hair.

T – 19:30pm – 20:20

Within this time I drew three sketches, far away from the target of nine I originally wanted. But I made a mistake when doing this task. I drew a sketch portrait of Elmer, one of the protagonist of my book, however, Elmer already has an illustration of himself – a main illuatration at that. If I was really going to go forwatd with making sketches of the characters and writing a small biography, I have already wasted time as I decided to draw Elmer once again. But it isn’t all that bad. In my illustration of Elmer in Chapter Seven he has his eye covered, making him look more super-model than Viking. The new sketch shows his new manly imagine, really showing his transition from priesthood to Vikinghood

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