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Unit 11 – Career and Goal aspirations

During my time in Games Development my aspirations have changed varied on what I have found interesting during the lesson/course. When I first started Games Development my dream was to be a concept and work for the company Naughty Dog – now my dream is to be an illustrator who creates art for non-fiction history books. But like always, I am not someone to be kept to one aspiration. One of the first real career goals I was interested in was being a creative director.

Within my time in this course I have been complimented on my imaginative mind and how I see the bigger picture, not just a piece of concept art. I like making a story out of everything, adding a bit more depth and engage the audience to my product, wanting to learn more. However, being an illustrator had definitely taken over this career goal by a long shot.

During this course I hope to develop my skills for when I begin University and will be able to show off my skills as a creative, but more as an illustrator. I want Universities to know that I am more than just a Games student – I am an artist who sees more to the world than a computer.

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