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Unit 11 – Personal Statement

When I think of illustration I think of imagination; putting down your ideas onto paper with a simple sketch. I have gravitated towards drawing ever since I was younger due to the influence of my family; being taught how to do soft sketching, along with how to add depth to your drawing by adding some shading. Without my family influences I don’t think I would be as passionate about drawing as I am today; my interests would be deeply immersed in history as that’s the second thing I am most passionate about. In my spare time, I like to create small sketches of environments that I have conjured up in my mind, or a character that I think would be perfect for said environment; I have quite the imagination.

Games Development has been a big help with developing my skills within this particular area as you have to do a considerable amount of concept art to get across your ideas. Games Development has really fueled my love for drawing — more than it already has — as you have the freedom to do anything you wish and develop your skills in the process. Something I particularly enjoy about the course I am currently doing is character design. For a recent unit I had the chance to update a character I created for the Final Major Project last year; updating the way he looks to make him fit in with the story arc. I feel that including this in my portfolio is a small demonstration of why I have chosen to move on to illustration in Higher Education.

In my free time I enjoy researching different eras of history and art throughout the ages; I love listening to music from around the world as I enjoy the different sounds each country holds; drawing is something I commonly do when I have free time. I love doing things in my free time that will fuel my creative side and sate my curiosity about the past and the world around me. When I read history books — mostly Old Norse books — I often consider the illustration on the cover. Art throughout the ages and art from different continents are almost an obsession as I always want to discover more about the art and how they managed to create it with such limited tools. The original Prose Edda by Snorri Sturluson has such amazing old Norse artwork on the front; that was what drew me to the book in the first place.

Going to university seemed like the obvious next step in my creative career: it will give me the right environment to develop my skills within illustration and also give me an opportunity
to work with like-minded individuals and share ideas. I want to discover more about the history of illustration and how different artists have influenced the changes: from using
wooden carving; to stone carving; to printing; to finally the digital illustration that is commonly used throughout the industry today.

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