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Unit 11 – Use Of Social Media

Social Media is a very useful tool for getting your name out there in the competitive media business. Many different websites give you the opportunity to show the different works you have been working on, be it freelance or for your own personal project. I have used a range of different websites for preciesly this motive, though sometimes it is not to brag about a project I have done. One of the best websites you can use to get in touch with major companies in LinkedIn

The reason I use LinkedIn is to look up compnaies I have an interest in and see which jobs they have avaliable and catch up with the most recent news. It is highly unlikely I will get the job at the age, however, it is interesting to see the range of different jobs required for a games company. It can also help define what I would want to do for a future career. For example when I was browsing through the jobs BioWare recently posted I saw one which had the employee advertise. To me that sounded very interesting as I want to get more into illustration and I definitely see that as one of the routes I could possibly go down in my future. LinkedIn also lets you connect with comployers along with peers so you can look at their work and get inspiration.


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