Posted in Unit 13 (Final Major Project)

Unit 13 – Diary 12/06/2017

S – Begin making the front cover for the book

M – I will only do one variation to save time

A – I made a quick front cover of a book in my last year FMP, this will be a simple process

R – The time will not be that long as I have things to attend to, though I have to use illustration also

T – 10:40am – 12:00pm

I have added the background for my back cover, which is a royalty free leather swatch as I do not have enough time to make my own leather. The title of the book has been added to the book cover, though I still need to add some shading to the letters to make them look 3D and metallic amongst the red background. What I did not managed to do was get onto the illustrator side of things – I will go onto illustrator for my next target.

S – Change Gunnar’s form in chapter four, make his hair look more realistic

M – I will only do one variation, as I state every time I do a concept art piece, due to the deadline next week.

A – Throughout several projects I have painted hair, making it look semi-realistic and aesthetically pleasing. I do not need to worry about messing up as I am quite effcient when doing this task

R – Even though my style is quite cartoonish, making the hair is something I take great pride in. Hair, though can be a timely process, it is a very simple task to achieve

T – 13:00pm – 14:30pm

The hair was not as simple as I expected. I ended up making several mistakes when doing this task. When I chose the base colour of his hair I did not look as I imagined it, meaning I had to delete the opposing colour and spend time finding a brown that would match my image of him. Then I made the biggest mistake of when I began adding the the strands of hair, not realising the eraser tool was one. I began removing the brown and I was completely confused on why this was happening. After 10 minutes I only noticed this, but I did not have enough time to recolour, having to make do with the white strands. The last problem was the graphics tablet. It kept losing collaboration, the pen pressure not working effciently enough. Because of these problems I did not have enough time to finish his hair, I will have to do it another time.

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