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Unit 13 – Diary – 14/06/2017

S – Begin writing the first paragraph of my final evaluation, talking about why I decided to do this project and the research was needed to achieve it

M – This will be around 800 words as I want to get every bit of detail in, though it may be much longer as I intend to write a lot; when I start it becomes hard to stop

A – Final Evaluation are an opportunity for us, the pupils, to talk about what our projects are about, what helped us achieve them. I have done them for each project and have experience with what to write, but this is the largest one and will require me to write much more than the other times.

R – 800 words will not take a lot of time to complete as I am a quick typer, so it will not take me that long to achieve.

T – 22:50pm –  00:00am

The first paragraph was a very simple task, introducing the reader to what my project was and what research I did to get the information I needed. It was very detailed and explained everything that you needed, even talking about previous ideas I had before I picked the idea I used for unit 13. However, I intend to overwrite, maybe talking a bit longer than is necessary.

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