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Unit 13 – Illustration Chapter Five

Chapter 5 final

This has to be one of the more simpler illustrations I have created for this unit due to the limited shading and detail, but it still gets across what is happening in the image. What this depicts is Gunnar holding up a horn, something the Vikings mostly used to hold their mead or wine, in celebration of his son getting wed. This is set during a feast during this celebration, a common practice throughout Viking culture. The illustration has to be my less favoured one, but the colour palette is what peaks my interest. Throughout all my illustrations I have used a dark theme to represent the acts that come at the end – it is not by accident. What I could of done for this illustration, to make it that bit more pleasing to the eye is add detail on the rim of the horn.

When you look at the horn it looks very 2D and doesn’t match with some of the more carefully painted illustrations. I will admit, this illustration was rushed to fit the deadline that was coming ever present, so if I had the time I would of added delicate runes across the horns exterior. What I do love about this illustration, which surprised me as I did this part within a few minutes is the golden glow in the background. This was achieved with mixture of different rusted oranges and bronzed golds – it looks as if the room is illuminated with a soft flame. What I could of done to really represent the narrative is add the shadow of an elf being or a dwarf to get across the fantasy themes I was adamant to add to my narrative.

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